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Zinc vs. Aluminum: Which Grinder is Best for Your Dispensary?

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Dispensaries today sell more than just cannabis. The best smoke shops also sell everything that their customers need to enjoy their favorite flower. A dispensary can quickly make a name for itself by offering high-quality, durable smoking accessories alongside its bud.

Herb grinders are the perfect example of this. Selling them will make it much easier for your customers to enjoy the cannabis that they’ve just purchased from you. But not all grinders are created equal.


Zinc and aluminum are two of the most commonly used materials in grinders. But it can be tough to figure out which you should order for your dispensary. That’s why we’ve created the following guide. Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know about the differences between aluminum and zinc weed grinders.

Aluminum vs. Zinc: Quality

Aluminum and zinc are both great materials to use for an herb grinder. If you get them from a reputable dealer, then you should have no problems with the quality of either of these options. That being said, each material does have its own set of benefits that are worth exploring.

Aluminum is lightweight but sturdy, making it a good choice for people who want to take their grinder with them on the go. Zinc is heavier than aluminum. When you pick it up, it feels a bit better in your hands.

At Munchmakers, we use 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum for our aluminum grinders. This ultra-durable material gives our aluminum grinders some of the highest levels of quality on the market. 

Aluminum vs. Zinc: Cost

Muchmaker charges the same amount for both its zinc and aluminum grinders. We want you to be able to pick whatever material you like best without having to sacrifice on price.

Other wholesale retailers may do things differently, we’re not sure. What we do know is that we’ll help you save even more money on your next shipment of herb grinders if you buy in bulk. The more you buy from us, the more you save.

Aluminum vs. Zinc: Customizability

Aluminum weed grinders tend to be a bit better for customization. This is because they’re available in several different coatings, such as matte and ceramic, whereas zinc grinders just have one coating option.


You’ll also have more options for customizing your grinders with designs and logos if you buy aluminum. This is because aluminum herb grinders are suitable for both UV printing and laser engraving, whereas zinc grinders are only suitable for UV printing.

Either way, we’ll make it easy for you to customize the grinder that you choose to ensure that it meets your exact specifications.

Top Aluminum Grinders

Custom Aluminum Grinder 2021

Our aluminum grinder will help your customers enjoy the weed they buy from you even more. It’s the perfect size to be used at home or on the go, and it can be used to grind dank herb into tiny bits of crisp weed that are perfect for smoking.


Price: $29.95 (bulk discounts available)


Matte-Coated Grinder

Our premium matte finish is the perfect material to display your logo or design. The grinder has a diameter of 2.4” by 1.8” and can be customized with either laser-engraved or UV printing in full color.


Price: $34.95 (bulk discounts available)


Ceramic-Coated Grinder

Our ceramic-coated grinder brings a unique finish to our high-quality aluminum alloy material. It’s very fine and one of our most premium models. The grinder is available in a wide variety of colors and can be customized with the design of your choice.


Price: $19.95 (bulk discounts available)


Phat Boy

The phat boy is one of our best-sellers for a good reason: it’s huge! With a diameter of 4.0” by 2.1”, this grinder can handle several grams at once. That makes it an ideal option for customers of yours who want to be able to grind lots of weed with minimal time and effort.


Price: $49.95 (bulk discounts available)

Top Zinc Grinders

Zinc Alloy 4pc Grinder

This is our flagship zinc grinder. It takes full advantage of the unique benefits of the material. The 4pc grinder has a heavy feel in the hands and is more compact than our aluminum grinders. Its material enables us to print logos and designs on top with incredible quality.


Price: $29.99 (bulk discounts available)

Create the Right Grinders for Your Dispensary with Munchmakers

Both aluminum and zinc can be used to make high-quality grinders that your customers will love. But herb grinders sell best in dispensaries when they’ve been customized to reflect the preferences of the smoke shop’s clientele. 

Whether you prefer aluminum or zinc for your grinders, Munchmakers can customize them for you to help you stand out from the competition. We offer a wide variety of color choices, printing options, and grinders to choose from, each of which is available at a wholesale price.


So check out our shop. Chances are you’ll find the high-quality weed grinders that you’ve been searching for.

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