Up Your Brand Game With Cool Herb Grinders

Looking for custom grinders? We’ve got you. We have different types of unique grinders made of either metal or plastic. They come in customized styles and colors which range from electric grinders to hand-cranked grinders to biodegradable grinders. Get your customized grinder at MunchMakers.

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Eco-Friendly Grinder Options

Looking for something that’s as good to the earth as it is to your herb? MunchMakers has designed biodegradable grinders with no magnets, plastics, or metals. It is made with only natural materials that are environmentally friendly. Get this unique grinder with a customized biodegradable sticker and UV print.

Custom Decagon Grinder 

Get a custom decagon grinder and enjoy a perfect and smooth grind. These cool herb grinders have a very strong grip and come with 4 chambers. It’s meant for an easy (and lux) grinding experience every time you use it. Plus? It’s available in several colors and it comes with a free non-branded box — perfect for customizing for your dispensary or brand.


Custom Mini Grinder Keychain 

We offer cool herb grinders that are as efficient as they are portable. Attach it to your keychain, pocket it, and it can be used anywhere and at any time. It is fitted with a customized UV print. For bulk orders, you only need to adjust the quantity you want and our site will automatically adjust your discount.

Custom Wooden Texture Grinder

We love working with a variety of materials — and that’s why we combine the durability of metal with the sophistication of wood. Our wood texture grinders are made of aircraft-grade aluminum mixed with high-grade wood. It is made with a wooden finish to give it a powerful as well as an organic appearance. It is a 4-piece grinder with a customized UV print.