Printing Technologies

UV Printing & Laser Engrave

MunchMakers uses either UV Printing or Laser Engraving technology to make beautiful custom grinders and cannabis accessories. With over 1 million custom grinders produced, shipped, and delivered since 2012, we are confident in our technology and experience in developing the worlds best custom grinders and other cannabis accessories. Every grinder shipped is carefully inspected and we constantly refine our printing techniques to provide top quality custom products.

Laser Engrave

Although less popular than UV printing, laser engraving is the recommended option for customers looking for a more permanent print that is resistant to wear and tear.  If you have a single colored image that is relatively simple in design, we recommend going with laser engraving.  Our laser engraving technology slightly burns the surface of the product to produce a permanent image. 

UV Printing​

UV printing is best used for high resolution color printing.  Think of it like a very powerful laser printer.  In our production facility we have 4 start of the art printing machines capable of printing 50,000 grinders a month.  The vast majority of our customers prefer UV printing due to the flexibility it provides with design selection.  If you are an artist or have an image with lots of colors you will probably use UV printing.   

Special Services

High Resolution Print

When we print the colors shine and details come alive.  Over 100,000 colors supported and every file type accepted.

High Volume Print

With our printing technology every grinder comes out perfectly alike no matter if you order 1 unit or 10,000.

Personal Customization

We work closely with every customer to make the grinder of their dreams.


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