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Custom Gold Foil Grinder

Looking for a custom herb grinder that really shines? Our custom gold foil grinders are perfect for you! Each grinder is decked out with high-quality gold foil print, making it a standout piece you’ll love to show off.


  • Grinder Type: Matte
  • Colors: Black, Green, Silver, Gunmetal Grey
  • Sizes: 55mm, 63mm
  • Printing Method: Gold Foil Printing
  • Production Time: Up to 30 days

What’s the Deal with Gold Foil Printing?

Gold foil printing is all about adding that extra touch of class. It involves applying a thin layer of metallic gold to the grinder, giving it a sleek, reflective finish that catches the light beautifully. Plus, it makes the design more durable and eye-catching.

More Options Available:

We’ve got more grinder types, sizes, and colors if you’re looking for something specific. Just reach out to us, and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.


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Product Description

Custom Gold Foil Grinder

A Grinder That Shines

Our custom gold foil grinders are designed to make a statement with their luxurious and eye-catching finish. The gold foil printing process involves meticulously applying a thin layer of metallic gold to the grinder’s surface, creating a sleek, reflective look that stands out. This method not only enhances the grinder’s aesthetic appeal but also adds durability to the design, ensuring it lasts. Available in matte black, green, silver, and gunmetal grey, and in sizes 55mm and 63mm, these grinders offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. With a production time of up to 30 days, each piece is crafted to perfection. Choose our custom gold foil grinders to elevate your herb grinding experience with a touch of elegance.

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