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Custom King Size Regular Rolling Papers

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Custom King Size Regular Rolling Papers

Design your own rolling papers so people can see your dispensary logo as they blaze up. We offer three different papers (hemp, unbleached brown, and white) with the option to include the tip on all types. With so much to customize, these wholesale rolling papers will truly make your dispensary products unique to your brand.

Looking for even more personalization for your joints? Order our custom filter tips!

Minimum Order: 100
Leaves Per Booklet: 33 (1 1/4) / 50 (Queen size, King size slim + regular)
Production time: 18-25 Days
Sizes available: Queen Size (70mm), 1 1/4 (78mm), King Size Regular (109mm)
Material: Rice, brown, or hemp paper
Customization: Printed Paper
Rolling Paper Templates:

Need help designing?  Contact us!  We will help

Custom boxes available for orders of 5000 or more

As Low As $0.75

Adjust Quantity, Pay Less

Buy 100 – 249 pieces
  • Buy 100 – 249 pieces
  • Buy 250 – 499 pieces and save 13%
  • Buy 500 – 999 pieces and save 38%
  • Buy 1,000 – 2,499 pieces and save 63%
  • Buy 2,500 – 4,999 pieces and save 75%
  • Buy 5,000+ pieces and save 81%

Total before shipping & taxes


Product Description

3 Sizes to Choose From

Wholesale rolling paper gives you plenty of ways to accommodate your customers’ preferences, whether they prefer rolling large blunts or more compact joints. With four custom rolling paper sizes available, MunchMakers is here to help you give everyone that comes to your shop the best possible smoking experience. They get a smooth smoke, and you get repeat customers and increased brand recognition. Everybody wins!

3 Paper Types

Some dispensaries like their custom rolling paper white and transparent. Others prefer the brown “paper bag” feel. And many appreciate the natural look of organic hemp paper. Whatever your preference, you can have plenty of paper ready for your customers’ next smoke session. 

Our minimum rolling paper order size is only 100, and there’s no maximum; we can accommodate large orders of any size! Orders over 5000 will also receive custom boxes for the rolling papers, as well as options for custom-colored, flavored, and printed papers. The possibilities are endless. Contact us today to share your vision and get your project started.

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