An Insight into the Different Types of Personalised Weed Grinders

If you are thinking about buying a personalised weed grinder then you will certainly have a lot to think about. Here are some of the things that you should look out for when purchasing your weed grinder.

2-Piece Grinders

These types of grinders do tend to be much smaller when compared to the 3 or even 4-piece grinders but that isn’t always a bad thing. They are really intended for those who like to smoke on the go, and they are a great investment, even if you are happy with the grinder you have right now.

3-Piece Grinders

Personalised 3-piece grinders are known for having an extra compartment. This is designed to catch your fine weed after you’ve done your grinding. When this happens, the weed then passes through circular holes on the other compartment. Three-piece grinders don’t often give you the chance to collect your kief, but they are more practical in some ways because you don’t need to empty them all the time.

4-Piece Grinders

4-piece grinders are among some of the finest grinders you can get. They come with a compartment that will catch your ground herbs and there’s also an extra compartment that has a fine sieve too.  If you get yours personalised, then you will surely have something that you’ll never want to leave at home.

Electronic Grinders

If you are tired of having to manually grind your weed all the time, then it may be a good idea for you to invest in a personalised electric grinder. This is a reliable tool and they come in all shapes and sizes too, so you can easily find something that is more than suited to your requirements.

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Here’s How Weed Grinders Can Give you a Better Smoke

If you have never used a weed grinder before then you’re in luck. They are now more affordable than ever to purchase, and you would be surprised at how beneficial they can be to your pot-smoking experience.

Smoother Smoke

Another benefit of having a weed grinder is that it can give you a much smoother smoke. When you grind weed, it essentially unlocks all sorts of wonderful tastes and aromas. This may not seem like a huge deal, but flavour is part of the overall experience.

Slower and More Controlled

When you grind your weed, your burn will be way slower and much more controlled too. If you roll a joint with ground weed then this will burn down much more evenly too, so you can easily enjoy your smoke for longer while still maintaining the level of flavour.

Better Consistency

Using a grinder is quite possibly the best way for you to make sure that your weed is an even consistency. This is super important because it helps you to ensure an even extraction of the compounds that are in the plant. If you smoke joints or blunts then consistent weed is super important because it is way easier for you to roll, therefore giving you a better smoking experience while also helping you to take advantage of the many benefits.


A lot of grinders come with the option of having a pollen filter. This catches your kief so that you can enjoy the most potent part of the plant while also having a large focus on purity.

Having a weed grinder really can come with so many benefits, and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to get your own delivered right to your door with our online service.




Four Piece Grinder – Good Reason Why You Definitely Need a 4 Piece Grinder

Four Piece Grinder – Why You Need It

If you smoke dry herb you definitely need a good grinder.  There are some cheap grinders out there you can get for only a couple dollars but we advise against it.  If you are going to be spending your hard earned money on herbs you can probably invest just a little bit in getting a top of the line grinder to get the best grinding experience.

A good grinder will save time when grinding weed, grind the weed much finer and better, and will be much easier to work with.

Not only do we recommend investing in a top of the line grinder we also recommend to purchase a four piece grinder.  Here is why

Four Piece Grinder – What is it?

The most common grinder is not actually a 4 piece grinder but a two piece grinder.  This is probably because two piece grinders are very cheap and are easy to find.  Even your local gas station probably sells these grinders.  A two piece grinder is

two piece grinder

just what it sounds like – a grinder that is based in two units.  There is the top part and a bottom part and the herb goes in the middle.  A couple quick twists and the herb is ready to be dumped out, rolled up, and smoked.


But using a two piece grinder can cause some issues:

  • The weed can get stuck between the teeth of the two piece grinder
  • The weed is not as fine as a four piece grinder making it harder to roll up and smoke
  • There is no separate compartment to smoke the kief




Fortunately having a four piece grinder can fix that!  A four piece grinder is similar to a two piece grinder but has two extra pieces, hence the name four piece grinder.

Here is how a four piece grinder looks like courtesy of VA grinders:


four piece grinder


  1.  Top magnetic layer.  On this part we can print on using state of the art UV printers
  2. Sharp teeth to grind the herb
  3. Pollen screen to catch the herb particles that fall below it
  4. Base chamber to catch the pollen, also known as the kief

The 3rd and 4th layer are the most important layer in a four piece grinder and makes a huge difference in the smoking experience.

If a piece of herb falls through the 2nd layer and onto the 3rd layer then it is safe to assume the piece is fine enough and is ready to smoke. This is not possible in a two piece grinder.  When one empties out a two piece grinder all the contents fall, including the parts that are not completely grinded up.  But in a four piece grinder, only the bottom two layers are unlocked.

The bottom layer of the four piece grinder is also very important.  Even smaller bits of herb make it to the bottom of the four piece grinder.  If one likes to smoke the kief this is a very cool added bonus that will make a big difference in ones smoking sessions.

Lastly, a four piece of grinder can store more weed in its chambers.  Going to a friends house or out to an event?  Your four piece grinder can carry more herb than a two piece grinder.  Another option is to also invest in a cannapuck.

Four Piece Grinder – What You Need to Know

Although everyone their own preferences it is definitely a no brainer for the serious smoke to invest in a four piece grinder.  It can help make sure that the weed you smoke is finely ground up, keeps your kief, stores more herb when you’re on the go, and makes an overall better smoking experience.