Is UV Printing or Laser Engraving Better for Custom Grinders?

Selling customized herb grinders can help your dispensary stand out from the competition. But not any grinder will do. You’ll have the largest impact on your company if you take some time to ideate and design a grinder that truly captures the essence of your brand.


As you do this, one decision that you’ll need to make is whether to use laser engraving or UV printing when adding your design to the top of your grinders. The choice might not appear overly important at first glance, but it can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your weed grinders.


So keep reading. We’ve gathered all of the information that you need to know in order to make a decision about these two printing methods.


What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a method of imprinting that first began being widely used in the 1970s. The process relies on computerized laser machines and laser machining applications, which tell the machines what to do.

The process is a bit complex. But essentially it involves programming a logo or design into an engraving machine. The machine follows this design to imprint the design you’ve chosen on whatever item you’ve selected for laser engraving.

Like methods of imprinting, there are some positives and negatives to using this method.
Here’s an overview of those:



  • Completely permanent, resistant to wear and tear
  • Delivers a high-end look
  • Not as costly as many other printing methods
  • Capable of engraving intricate patterns without distorting them



  • Adding color to the design can be complicated
  • Colors can begin blending together as time passes


What is UV Printing?

UV printing is very similar to traditional printing methods. It also uses nozzles that spray tiny droplets of ink in order to imprint designs on objects. The key difference between UV printers and traditional inkjet models is that UV printers contain polymers that are sensitive to UV light.

This enables UV printers to dry the ink that they produce faster. So when you use a UV printer, 100% of the ink that it applies to the surface will remain there. This leads to significantly less ink wastage and design distortion than what’s offered by traditional inkjet printers.

Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of UV printing:



  • Dries ink instantly
  • More environmentally friendly than standard printers
  • Creates scratch-resistant designs with improved durability
  • Offers the ability to create special effects to enhance designs



  • Not all surfaces are a good fit for UV printers
  • Not a good fit for products that need to be washed regularly


Which One is Right For Me?

Determining which type of imprinting is best for your dispensary’s grinders can be tough if you’re not that familiar with the processes. But you can zero in on the right choice for your needs by figuring out what you want your grinders to look like.

For example, maybe you like zinc grinders because of their heavier feel and durable nature. If so, you’ll need to use UV printing to display your logo on them. This is because zinc grinders aren’t suitable for laser engraving. Aluminum grinders, on the other hand, are suitable for both UV printing and laser engraving.


Another factor to consider is the color scheme of your design. If it’s a neutral design without an excess of dark or light colors, then either printing option will work for you. But if you have a design that features a heavy amount of dark colors, then laser engraving will help the design pop in the way that you envision.

If you’re still not sure which way you want to take your design, no worries. You can check out our shop to find some inspiration.


Where Can I Find Custom-Printed Herb Grinders?

Ultimately, the best way to determine which type of printing is best for you is to spend some time playing around with each option in the design process. Doing so will allow you to see the differences between UV printing and laser engraving with your own eyes.


If you’re looking for somewhere to experiment with the differences between laser engraving and UV printing, check out Munchmakers. We have an online tool that allows you to choose one of our high-quality herb grinders and customize it to your exact preferences. This makes it easy to figure out which design specifications will do the most to bring your vision to life.


Another benefit of shopping with us is our bulk pricing model. When you buy grinders in bulk from Munchmakers, you pay a lower dollar amount for each individual product. So the more that you buy, the more that you save.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our collections to see the Munchmakers differences for yourself. It could be just what your dispensary needs to separate itself from the competition.


The Ultimate Guide to Herb Grinders in 2021

This guide was written for you if you have experience with herb grinders and want to learn more or are totally new to this topic.

We thought it was necessary to compile our experience in one place and spend time exploring the differences between hand grinders and electric grinders, although there are other online guides that cover this subject.


Herbs should be enjoyed: their entire purpose is, after all, to improve the taste, aroma, and appearance of whatever they are added to. Herbs are intended to increase pleasure, so it only makes sense to have the right instruments at your disposal to make the most of your herbal enjoyment.


Herb Grinders 2021 Guide


Here are the sections that we’ll cover:

  •  What is an herb grinder?
  • That is a grinder used for?
  • The different types of grinders
  • More types of grinders
  • How to use an herb grinder
  • How to grind herb with a grinder
  • How to make a grinder
  • How to clean your grinder
  • How fine you should grind your weed
  • Why grinding your weed is important
  • The history of marijuana grinders



Herb grinders are instruments that grind herbs. The simple way they’re operating is this:

  •  You place the dried herb into the grinder
  • The grinder shreds and slices the herb through its grinding process to reduce it to smaller fragments.

These wonderful little devices, crafted from a variety of different materials, are capable of converting different herbs and plant material from large, full-size pieces into smaller pieces that are better suited to whatever you want to use your herbs.


Why you should grind your herbs?


To get flavor out of herbs, to reveal the flavor, their surface area needs to be increased. This is what a grinder does, and it helps herbs to unleash their fragrance and flavor.


But why not just purchase herbs that are pre-ground?



Weed can become stale over time. The more they are torn apart, the faster this process happens. A long time ago, pre-ground herbs from the store were presumably ground, and much of their flavor and value was lost in the time between grinding and final use.

 It’s best to keep them intact until they are required to maintain the positive qualities of your cannabis. Then, to prepare them for your planned operation, a grinder can be used.

 If you are using a vaporizer to enjoy the herb, it is vital to obtain a consistent, fine grind for the vaporizer to do its job, so a grinder is a must-have item in such a case.


What is a Weed Grinder Used for?


Grinders are used to grind. Yeah, there’s a little bit more than that to it. Plants, such as marijuana, that are used for their therapeutic and pleasure-inducing properties are often not enjoyed in their natural state. The greatest effects of cannabis are not obtained by consuming the raw material of the plant: some preparation is necessary. By drying the pot, it lasts longer and can be smoked, and grinding makes more surface area for better, more even burns, which releases more of the plant’s effects.

 Cannabis grinders, pot grinders, bud grinders: all these words apply to marijuana grinders specifically made for this plant.


The Different Kinds of Herb Grinders


Large vs. small weed grinders


Let’s start by looking at the size of the grinder you want, and instead of getting too technical, we’re just talking about big and small.
Let us be clear, first of all, that we will not be describing commercial grade grinders. Pharmaceutical companies and companies that grind weed for their customers may use large size grinders.

If you are only the occasional user of a grinder or a new grinder, a small grinder may be the best. These grinders are suitable for a single bud or a very small amount of material and are also often quite compact. They usually don’t offer a lot of storage for your soil weed.

Large weed grinders can normally handle a few buds or flowers in a single grind, and grinders such as the Mamba V2 which dispense the grind while the grinder is in operation allow this large amount to be dispensed as needed. These types of grinders offer the benefit of a small grinder on a single-dose basis while still providing the user with a large grinding capacity. 

Other large marijuana grinders are a little messier and physically larger with different plates that need to be opened up to dispense the weed, so they could be more than a single user wants.


Hand Grinders


A hand grinder is possibly familiar to most individuals reading this post. These simple, hand-operated devices contain teeth on plates which, by rotating against each other, grind herbs.

A variety of materials come from hand grinders: metals such as aluminum and hard plastics such as acrylic are the most common. Also wooden ones are on the market.
It is safer to go with metal when choosing a hand grinder, even though they are likely to cost more, since the strong teeth can last for far more grinds than any other material.

Although quite simple in design, hand grinders often contain magnets to help the ends stay together while grinding, and many units have multiple chambers to allow the user to filter the ground herbs in multiple sizes.

The benefits of hand grinders are often lower prices (although the cheapest hand grinders will quickly fail, so eventually you will end up spending more) and simplicity. They’re also fairly portable, and there are a lot of different options, whether you’re buying online or from a store.


However, they’re not without their drawbacks.
Hand grinders are slow to use and need both hands, so you may feel sore after a big grinding job and they may not be a choice for you at all if you have health issues related to their service.
If they are poor quality, they can also be inconsistent with the grind they create and their seals and magnets can fail. Finally, it is difficult to clean units with multiple chambers, so be prepared to spend time on their treatment and maintenance.


Novelty Grinders

Some grinders are just novelties and are not really up to the grinding job. They can be decorative or made from poor materials, and while they can make pleasant ornaments or presents, since they may eventually prove unreliable, they are not suitable for use in herb grinding.


More Types of Grinders

While the various types of grinders have just been mentioned, this section will briefly explain some other particular types of grinders that you may have heard about or will begin to learn about if you are reading a lot about grinders. While the above section does a decent job talking about the key grinders groups, there are several other styles of specialization and without us talking about them too, this guide will not be complete.


Dry Herb Grinder

Some grinders are specifically designed to dry herbs. In construction, these are most often cheaper, as dry herbs are simpler to smash and shred. For example, dense weed buds containing some moisture and oil are harder to grind than plant material that is completely dry. Dry herb grinders are possibly lighter-duty for this reason and not as versatile as an all-purpose grinder.


Bud Grinder

Marijuana buds are mostly what a grinder is bought for, and to shred the bud, this kind of grinder needs to be powerful enough. The bud contains and is also abundant with oils and some moisture. Because of these properties, without clogging, bud grinders must be solid, robust, and able to load the big bud particles.


Tobacco Grinder

Tobacco grinders are, well, tobacco-made grinders. While possibly not as common as when individuals rolled their own tobacco smokes from large leaf pieces they would have been back, these grinders still exist for those interested in grinding their own tobacco leaf. Tobacco is an oily plant, and it is not best to have the tobacco fully dry, but rather slightly moist for those looking to enjoy a pipe or cigar. This makes it important for any grinder intended for tobacco to be specifically designed for the purpose, along with the large size of tobacco leaf parts.


Herb Grinder

Herb grinders may refer to a variety of things, but they most often mean a grinder that can grind a variety of plant materials. Owing to legality concerns in various countries, a manufacturer may not use terms referring to marijuana such as weed, bud, and dope, so herb grinder most frequently refers to a grinder that is intended to grind marijuana. Since it is a common, broad term, a large number of different types of grinders may refer to herb grinders.


4-Piece Grinder

These types of grinders have several parts for different grinding components, and grinds can also be divided by scale. The standard alternating grinding plates with teeth, a screen that filters grind by scale, and a separate compartment that catches kief specifically are usually included in a marijuana grinder with 4 parts.


Weed Grinder

Pot grinders are grinders that have been developed and sold exclusively for marijuana. These grinders may be used on other plants as well, but are more commonly used for grass. This is sort of a blanket word, like a herb grinder.


Titanium Grinder

Titanium grinders are any kind of grinder where titanium is made of the main grinding components – the cutting teeth and plates, although the rest of the system may be as well. These grinders, like aluminium, are lightweight and solid, and in terms of toughness, they definitely beat out the plastic competition. They are also very costly, however, and offer no major advantages over aluminium grinders.


Aluminum Grinder

Aluminum grinders have their grinding plates and teeth made of aluminum, much like the section above on titanium grinders. These grinders are light and robust, and are also considerably cheaper than titanium, though titanium provides all the same benefits.

There have been some misleading statements of aluminum grinders possibly causing aluminum shavings to cause health problems, although this is not currently the case.

Aluminum is a good material for grinders because it does not decay over time because it naturally oxidizes to protect itself from further corrosion. Since aluminum is stronger than the material it is grinding, shavings are not created during operation and since washing a grinder before its first use is a good practice, shavings from the manufacturing process will be addressed here and the same problems will occur with titanium or any other new grinder. These false claims should be addressed here, as otherwise a person can spend a lot of extra money on materials such as titanium when aluminum is suitable for their intended use.


How to Use an Herb Grinder

Herb grinders operate by capturing and then tearing plant material between teeth, shifting from each other in opposite directions. This is the fundamental action which produces the grind.


Hand Grinders

The majority of hand grinders are made up of teeth plates that can be taken apart. When split, it is possible to load a herb into the teeth and then bring the plates back together. The teeth grind the weed when the ends of the grinder are turned by hand.

There are several compartments and screens for some of these grinders that allow the ground grass to be separated by size. When grinding is complete, the grinder must be removed to dump out the ground herbs.


How to Grind Herb with a Grinder

  1. Clean, if not already clean, grinder.
  2. Load the herb into separate plates, ensuring that no substance damages or constricts the seals of the grinder.
  3. Place the plates together, and then spin the grinder until you get the desired grinder. During grinding, it might be appropriate to open the grinder to see how much more is needed to get to the consistency you want.
  4. Open your grinder carefully and pour the contents into a jar. As these grinders can be messy, it can be better to capture stray stuff, such as a paper funnel, with something.
  5. Clear and dry grinder before storage.


How to Make a Grinder

We want to pay some attention to the DIY and home-made solutions that are also available to a motivated and likely broken person, now that we have identified the many types of commercially available grinders on the market and listed our preference. After all, grinding herbs can be achieved without investing in a high-quality grinder, so we don’t want to say that there are no such solutions, and some of them will be listed here instead.


Using What You May Already Have

Have you got a grater for cheese? Have you got a grinder for coffee? What about the glass of a shot and some scissors? What’s up with your fingers?
These are some of the alternatives that you might already have at your disposal to weed and herb grinders. A cheese grater can be used for shredding herbs, if you are patient. 

You’ll need to be vigilant to keep your fingers away from the grater while you’re doing this. In fact, for safety reasons, we don’t suggest this approach at all, but since we know some people do this, we wanted to mention it.

A coffee grinder may act as a grinder of quick but crude herbs. Although it may be easy, on the inside of the machine, you may lose product and the blades will damage the herb and not give a consistent grind, but this can be a very quick way to grind up some product in a pinch. Some people swear to put buds in a shot glass and break them up with scissors using the old school methods. Others just want to grind themselves by hand. 

These are methods that will get you by if you need to grind and don’t have any special instruments available. It should go without saying, however, that neither of these approaches can produce a great grind or a fast grind.


Benefits of a Professionally-Made Grinder


It is a smart idea to learn how to grind your cannabis without a store-bought grinder available when you’re in a bind. You may need these abilities at some stage, after all, and even if you don’t, they make for fun party tricks.

However, while we wanted to address the DIY options available to you, let’s be clear: considering the potential savings, we don’t recommend any of them over anything professionally-made. 

The basic concept behind weed grinding was taken by a quality manufacturer and their experience and quality control procedures were used to create a durable product, something that is very difficult to match at home.


Cleaning Your Weed Grinder


It is an incredibly necessary part of the grinding experience to clean your cannabis grinder. Although not actually part of the grinding process itself, you can keep simple cleaning in mind when shopping for a grinder because it is a must to clean a grinder.

After you first purchase your grinder, prior to the first use, a thorough cleaning will be required. You can leave unnecessary residues within the grinder in the manufacturing and shipping process, and you do not want this kind of material in your grinder. 

Then you’ll need to get into the habit of cleaning it regularly when you continue using your grinder so that you don’t mix your fresh product with stale residue. Also, you will have to clean even more often if you live in a humid environment so that the grinder does not grow mold.

How Fine You Should Grind Your Weed


The texture and consistency of the grinder matters when it comes to grinding any kind of herb. Different herbs need distinct grinds, so you’ll need to consider texture in your grinder purchase depending on what you intend on grinding.

In order for it to be vaporized and smoked efficiently, Marijuana requires a particular fineness in its grind. For instance, Munchmakers Aluminum Grinder is designed to produce a perfect marijuana grinder ready for bongs, vapes, and joints instantly.

And it’s not just a matter of winning the finest texture: grind too much and spoil the grind. And the overly-coarse texture will not burn equally on the other side of things.


Why Grinding Your Weed Is Important


We have an entire article about how important it is to grind your cannabis and other herbs. If you’ve read about cannabis grinders up to this point in this post, you probably already understand why. There are, however, those new to the practice who do not know all the ins and outs of grinding weed.


Did you know the various grinding textures burn differently from each other? That in each inhale, a coarse grind and a fine grind will produce different THC levels? An experienced consumer sometimes takes this kind of knowledge for granted, but those only considering trying cannabis do not know anything required to make educated buying decisions.


In terms of recreational cannabis use, several nations are new to the scene, and there are other countries that could be on the verge of legalizing the drug. In the near future, many individuals will be getting into recreational marijuana use, so we agreed in an entire article to address the reasons behind cannabis grinding.


The History of Marijuana Grinders


Did you know that, in 1905, the first grinder of herbs was patented? This is the first example of a device that looks like a modern hand grinder that has been documented. There is more than you might think about the history of these magical little devices, however.

As long as people have been using herbs for their medicinal properties, in ways to enhance storage and the effects of the herbs, they have dried, cut, and processed them. 

Although it is not mandatory to understand what makes a great grinder, it will add to your appreciation of these devices to learn a little bit about the history of grinders and also provide you with some reading material for your next joint.


Top 8 Grinders & Accessories for Dispensaries
(Updated for 2021)

Smoke shops today need to be innovative to stand out from the pack. Everybody sells great bud. So what can you do to distinguish yourself?


One option is to find and carry the best custom herb grinders and smoking accessories on the market. These are a great way to extend brand awareness. You can sell them to your customers or even give them out as free gifts to dedicated clients. Either way, your customers will be able to store their cannabis in style and will appreciate you for it.


In the past, finding the best weed storage products and grinders was difficult. And locating a company that made it easy to customize smoking accessories was virtually impossible. MunchMakers is solving these issues. We carry a wide variety of wholesale custom weed grinders so you can quickly select the products that meet your exact needs.

Keep reading to find our top 8 grinders & accessories for dispensaries in 2021.

4pc Aluminum Grinder

Our aluminum alloy 4pc grinder is our best-selling product for a reason. It’s durable, but lightweight with sharp enough teeth to grind any bud you throw at it.


The grinder features four distinct Chambers:

  1. Top chamber – which we can customize with the color and art of your choice, and attaches with a powerful magnet
  2. Grinding Chamber – A sharp set of teeth to grind through herb with ease
  3. Pollen screen chamber – to catch the herb particles that fall through
  4. Bottom chamber – to catch kief and store it for later use

Each chamber works in concert with the others to provide a grinding experience that your customers won’t be able to beat.

4pc Zinc Grinder

If aluminum isn’t your thing, then check out our 4pc zinc grinder. It’s built out of high-grade zinc alloy, which gives it a heavier feel than our aluminum-based products. 

Our zinc grinder is also a bit more compact than many of our aluminum herb grinders. This makes it an excellent choice for customers who want to save space without sacrificing quality.

4pc Matte-Coated Grinder

Our custom matte coated weed grinder brings a new look to our classic 4pc grinders. It features a premium matte finish, which makes it ideal for displaying your logo or any other type of art that you want to feature.

The customization process is a breeze. Just go online and design it yourself, or let our design team brainstorm ideas for you.  After order, we are involved in every step in the process – from production to packing and shipping. In just a few short weeks, we’ll ship your custom designed product straight to your dispensary. You won’t find an easier way to buy a wholesale quantity of a high-quality customized grinder.

J Case

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down at the end of a long day to enjoy a joint only to realize that it’s been destroyed and rendered unusable. Our J Case was designed to prevent this from happening.

The J Case is perfectly-sized for standard joints and is built out of our durable aluminum alloy material. It’s a product that will enable your customers to carry their joint with them on the go without having to worry about destroying it while they’re out.

Phat Boy Grinder

The Phat Boy lives up to its name and then some. It’s our biggest grinder yet and is probably the largest you’ve ever seen. It’s capable of grinding several grams at the same time so your customers will be able to prepare enough bud for their entire crew without having to spend extra time doing so.

Cannapuck 1.0

The Cannapuck 1.0 gets its name from its hockey puck shape. It’s the perfect way to store herb discreetly. The Cannapuck seals when closed to protect the cannabis that’s inside of it and from damaging dirt and moisture. It also keeps the smell of bud locked inside of it, so your customers won’t have to worry about getting any side-eyed glances no matter where they take it with them.

Wood Texture Grinder

Our Wood Texture Grinder is perfect for customers who love the classic look and feel of hand-crafted wooden products. It’s made of a high-grade polymer composite material that’s been specially designed to mimic the texture and appearance of real wood. We sell it in light and dark wood texture, along with a wide variety of customization options to choose from.

Aluminum Ashtrays

What better way to build brand awareness than with customized ashtrays displaying your dispensary’s logo? Our aluminum ashtrays make it easy to do just that. We use high precision laser engraving technology to laser engrave your logo directly onto the Astray. We offer a wide variety of color options for you to choose from, and if you wish for customized color, we can do it as well. This makes it incredibly easy to create branded ashtrays that your customers will adore.

Why MunchMakers?

MunchMakers was built on the simple premise that herb grinders and smoking accessories could be better. We partake ourselves so we have a keen understanding of the types of products that work for dispensaries and those that don’t.

Each of our products is customizable in many ways. From laser engraving to full-color UV print to custom branded boxes – We have the knowledge and tools to give your business a tailor-made solution. Even better, we provide these products at wholesale prices so you can pick up what you need without sacrificing any competitive advantage that your dispensary has.


Check out our collections to get started. Or get in touch with any questions you have. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions and offer advice.


Why Munchmakers? See What We’ve Done for Our Clients

We know that you have several options to consider when looking for a place to purchase customized weed grinders and smoking accessories for your dispensary. But you won’t find a better wholesale retailer to buy from than Munchmakers.

Admittedly, we’re a bit biased. But we’ve made really cool things for clients in the past and we’d love to do the same for you. Rather than tell you about what we can do to make your dispensary stand out, we thought we’d show you.


Below, you’ll find four examples of how we’ve helped dispensaries stand out with high-quality herb grinders and smoking accessories. Take a look.


Miss Jones

Miss Jones is one of Canada’s most successful dispensaries. The company has multiple shops throughout the country and has served thousands of happy customers. They came to us with a desire to expand their brand through customized merchandise.

We helped them achieve that goal by creating a wide variety of individualized products for them to sell in their stores. Some of what we created for Miss Jones includes:

  • Cannapuck weed grinders
  • Customized herb grinders
  • Branded ashtrays
  • Custom-branded boxes and bags

But we didn’t just create these products for them. We also guided the dispensary throughout the entire design process. We worked with them on digital mockups, design consultation, and physical sample delivery. We also provided quality assurance and worldwide shipment of thousands of customized products.

Lux Pot Shop

Lux Pot Shop is one of Seattle’s most established dispensaries. They came to us with a unique goal. The company wanted to design a specialty two-piece grinder with laser engraving on both the front and back.

We brought Lux’s vision to life through a careful design process that involved many iterations. Munchmakers managed to capture exactly what this dispensary was looking for. We produced a unique grinder for them with branding on both the front and back.

The resulting product has helped Lux’s Pot Shop to define its brand and increase customer awareness of that brand. We’d love to work on a similar project for your dispensary.

Seaweed & Co

Seaweed & Co is one of the leading dispensaries in the state of Maine. They came to us with a desire to begin building a brand image through customized products. But they weren’t initially sure of what they wanted the products to look like or even which products would work best for their goals.

Munchmakers helped them through the entire design process. We helped them explore various options with realistic digital mockups and physical samples to bring the designs we created to life.

Ultimately, Seaweed & Co decided to order 5,000 custom matte grinders in several colors. They’ve used these grinders to increase brand awareness and differentiate themselves from the other dispensaries in their area.

Highgrade Testing Labs

Highgrade Testing Labs isn’t a dispensary. Rather, they specialize in cannabis lab tests. The company approached us with the goal of designing customized products that could be used as giveaways to the companies that they collaborate with.

We helped Highgrade create the unique products that they had been searching for. We did so by guiding them through the design process and offering suggestions on how to maximize the benefits they received by purchasing branded smoking accessories.

Ultimately, the company decided to purchase both a set of custom grinders and joint cases from us. These products have helped them accomplish their goal of developing improved relationships with their partners.

How Munchmakers Can Help Your Dispensary

We’re experts at the design and production of customized smoking accessories. Whether you’re looking for branded herb grinders, ashtrays, bags, or boxes, we’ve got you covered.

But we can do more than simply bring your existing ideas to life. We can also act as a partner in the creation process. As the customer stories above show, we’ve helped clients across the United States and beyond develop their early ideas into finished products.

We do that by working with your dispensary through every phase of the design and production process. We’ll ideate with you, come up with realistic digital designs, and then create physical samples so you can feel the product in your hand before ordering it in bulk.


That means you don’t need to hire a fancy design firm to come up with the right design for your brand. Just reach out to Munchmakers. We’ll handle the hard work on our end. All that you’ll need to do is tell us a bit about what you’re looking for and we’ll help you bring that idea to life, just as we’ve done for the clients above.


 Getting Started

The quickest way to get started is to visit our online shop. Check out our products and see which ones you like best. Then, you can either begin the customization process online yourself or get in touch with us directly.

Either way, you can rely on our expertise to help you turn your idea for a customized smoking accessory into a product that you can stock your shelves with. We look forward to working with you and hope to hear from you soon.

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    An Insight into the Different Types of Personalised Weed Grinders

    If you are thinking about buying a personalised weed grinder then you will certainly have a lot to think about. Here are some of the things that you should look out for when purchasing your weed grinder.

    2-Piece Grinders

    These types of grinders do tend to be much smaller when compared to the 3 or even 4-piece grinders but that isn’t always a bad thing. They are really intended for those who like to smoke on the go, and they are a great investment, even if you are happy with the grinder you have right now.

    3-Piece Grinders

    Personalised 3-piece grinders are known for having an extra compartment. This is designed to catch your fine weed after you’ve done your grinding. When this happens, the weed then passes through circular holes on the other compartment. Three-piece grinders don’t often give you the chance to collect your kief, but they are more practical in some ways because you don’t need to empty them all the time.

    4-Piece Grinders

    4-piece grinders are among some of the finest grinders you can get. They come with a compartment that will catch your ground herbs and there’s also an extra compartment that has a fine sieve too.  If you get yours personalised, then you will surely have something that you’ll never want to leave at home.

    Electronic Grinders

    If you are tired of having to manually grind your weed all the time, then it may be a good idea for you to invest in a personalised electric grinder. This is a reliable tool and they come in all shapes and sizes too, so you can easily find something that is more than suited to your requirements.

    Want a personalised grinder to add to your collection? Why not check out our extensive range to find out more.




    Here’s How Weed Grinders Can Give you a Better Smoke

    If you have never used a weed grinder before then you’re in luck. They are now more affordable than ever to purchase, and you would be surprised at how beneficial they can be to your pot-smoking experience.

    Smoother Smoke

    Another benefit of having a weed grinder is that it can give you a much smoother smoke. When you grind weed, it essentially unlocks all sorts of wonderful tastes and aromas. This may not seem like a huge deal, but flavour is part of the overall experience.

    Slower and More Controlled

    When you grind your weed, your burn will be way slower and much more controlled too. If you roll a joint with ground weed then this will burn down much more evenly too, so you can easily enjoy your smoke for longer while still maintaining the level of flavour.

    Better Consistency

    Using a grinder is quite possibly the best way for you to make sure that your weed is an even consistency. This is super important because it helps you to ensure an even extraction of the compounds that are in the plant. If you smoke joints or blunts then consistent weed is super important because it is way easier for you to roll, therefore giving you a better smoking experience while also helping you to take advantage of the many benefits.


    A lot of grinders come with the option of having a pollen filter. This catches your kief so that you can enjoy the most potent part of the plant while also having a large focus on purity.

    Having a weed grinder really can come with so many benefits, and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to get your own delivered right to your door with our online service.




    Four Piece Grinder – Good Reason Why You Definitely Need a 4 Piece Grinder

    Four Piece Grinder – Why You Need It

    If you smoke dry herb you definitely need a good grinder.  There are some cheap grinders out there you can get for only a couple dollars but we advise against it.  If you are going to be spending your hard earned money on herbs you can probably invest just a little bit in getting a top of the line grinder to get the best grinding experience.

    A good grinder will save time when grinding weed, grind the weed much finer and better, and will be much easier to work with.

    Not only do we recommend investing in a top of the line grinder we also recommend to purchase a four piece grinder.  Here is why

    Four Piece Grinder – What is it?

    The most common grinder is not actually a 4 piece grinder but a two piece grinder.  This is probably because two piece grinders are very cheap and are easy to find.  Even your local gas station probably sells these grinders.  A two piece grinder is

    two piece grinder

    just what it sounds like – a grinder that is based in two units.  There is the top part and a bottom part and the herb goes in the middle.  A couple quick twists and the herb is ready to be dumped out, rolled up, and smoked.


    But using a two piece grinder can cause some issues:

    • The weed can get stuck between the teeth of the two piece grinder
    • The weed is not as fine as a four piece grinder making it harder to roll up and smoke
    • There is no separate compartment to smoke the kief




    Fortunately having a four piece grinder can fix that!  A four piece grinder is similar to a two piece grinder but has two extra pieces, hence the name four piece grinder.

    Here is how a four piece grinder looks like courtesy of VA grinders:


    four piece grinder


    1.  Top magnetic layer.  On this part we can print on using state of the art UV printers
    2. Sharp teeth to grind the herb
    3. Pollen screen to catch the herb particles that fall below it
    4. Base chamber to catch the pollen, also known as the kief

    The 3rd and 4th layer are the most important layer in a four piece grinder and makes a huge difference in the smoking experience.

    If a piece of herb falls through the 2nd layer and onto the 3rd layer then it is safe to assume the piece is fine enough and is ready to smoke. This is not possible in a two piece grinder.  When one empties out a two piece grinder all the contents fall, including the parts that are not completely grinded up.  But in a four piece grinder, only the bottom two layers are unlocked.

    The bottom layer of the four piece grinder is also very important.  Even smaller bits of herb make it to the bottom of the four piece grinder.  If one likes to smoke the kief this is a very cool added bonus that will make a big difference in ones smoking sessions.

    Lastly, a four piece of grinder can store more weed in its chambers.  Going to a friends house or out to an event?  Your four piece grinder can carry more herb than a two piece grinder.  Another option is to also invest in a cannapuck.

    Four Piece Grinder – What You Need to Know

    Although everyone their own preferences it is definitely a no brainer for the serious smoke to invest in a four piece grinder.  It can help make sure that the weed you smoke is finely ground up, keeps your kief, stores more herb when you’re on the go, and makes an overall better smoking experience.