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  • 9 Black
  • 6 Blue
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  • 2 Chrome
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  • 1 Dark Green - Gold Printing Customization
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MunchMakers has a variety of 4 piece herb grinders to design and customize. We have everything from aluminum to zinc and grinders that are tiny as well as grinders that are quite large.  We serve private customers looking to purchase custom grinders as a gift or for personal use but also cater to high end dispensaries and Cannabis related agencies. Orders of 500 or more grinders are offered free custom six-panel boxes to design at the exact specifications of the brand.  For more information reach out to our business team at

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  • NO MOQ

    Custom 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder


    One of MunchMakers’ top-selling four-piece grinders is now available in 3 different sizes. The best grinder for custom laser engraving, this accessory levels up your grinding game. Weed grinders are essential to the smoking experience; a top-notch grind is the first step to a smooth smoke. Our high-quality aluminum grinder brings out the best flavors in every strain. This four-piece set and top quality material ensures that no weed is lost in the grinding process.

    Pair with our custom aluminum ashtray and our unique custom aluminum rolling tray for the ultimate smoking experience.

    Need storage? Our custom StashSafe container is the perfect solution to hold your accessories.

    Minimum Order: None
    Sizes available:

      • 6.3cm (2.4″) diameter 4.8cm (1.9″ )height
      • 5.5cm (2.2″) diameter 4.8cm (1.9″) height
      • 4cm (1.6″) diameter 4cm (1.6″) height

    Size Guide
    Material: Aluminum alloy
    Customization: UV Print / Laser Engraving
    Included: Non Branded Box

  • NO MOQ

    Custom 4 Piece Zinc Grinder


    Our all time best selling 4 piece grinder now available in 3 sizes.  The best custom grinder for UV printing high quality images.

    Minimum Order: None
    Sizes available:

    • 6.3cm (2.4″) diameter 4cm (1.8″ )height
    • 5.5cm (2.16″) diameter 4cm (1.8″) height
    • 4cm (1.8″) diameter 3.5cm (1.38″) height

    Material: Zinc alloy
    Customization: UV Print

  • 50 MOQ

    Custom All Over Print Grinder

    As Low As $9.95

    The All Over Print custom grinder is the perfect fit for brands that really want to stand out. With our specialized process, we print your design on 100% of this high-quality zinc alloy grinder.

    You may use the 3D designer to design online any way you want.  Click Customize

    If you need help please contact us with assets and branding ideas so our designers can make an accurate mockup.

    Please note, the print process for this product can take up to 2 weeks.

    Make your brand stand out even more with our custom UV Ashtray!

    Minimum Order: 50

    Weight: 0.33lbs (150 grams) each

    Measurements available: 63mm (2.4″) diameter; 40mm height

    Material: Zinc Alloy

    Customization: UV All Over Print

    Included: Non Branded Box


  • No MOQ

    Custom Aluminum Pipe


    Customizable aluminum pipe laser engraved with logo on up to 2 sides.  Add your fresh ground up herb and have an excellent smoke.

    Minimum Order: None
    Weight: About
    Material: Aluminum
    Customization: Laser engraved

    Production Time: About 10-20 days for orders up to 500 pipes

  • 10 MOQ

    Custom Ceramic Grinder


    The most heavy-duty grinder at MunchMakers – the ceramic weed grinder is designed specifically for extra sticky icky herb. Our industry-leading ceramic ensures that no matter how sticky the herb, the grinder will produce a smooth grind, time after time. Through laser print technology, you can customize these grinders with your brand’s specific logo or design.

    Pairs perfectly with our custom ceramic ashtray or rolling tray, or purchase all three together to really build your brand.

    Minimum Order: 10
    Measurements: 63mm (2.4″) diameter and 4.8cm (1.9″) height
    Material: Aluminum with ceramic coating
    Customization: Laser printing only

  • 25 MOQ

    Custom Decagon Grinder


    Our decagon grinder is the classic option customers know and love. A perfect grind. Every time. Great for personal use, or the perfect product to build your brand.

    Minimum Order: None

    Measurements available: 63mm (2.4″) diameter 40mm height

    Material: Aircraft grade aluminum and high-grade wood

    Customization: UV Print / Laser Engraving

    Included: Non Branded Box

    Get a grip with the Decagon Grinder’s 4 chambers, ridged top and bottom, and smooth body.  This grinder will deliver the perfect grind time after time.

  • 25 MOQ

    Custom Genuine Wood Grinder

    As Low As $15.95

    The Toak is our premium-level wood grinder. It is made with an industry-leading organic wood finish and a metal chamber to provide a grind as premium as the material itself. The Toak is the perfect product to elevate your business’s or dispensary’s brand.

    Want to give your customers a portable option, so they can still have a quality grind while on the go? Check out our mini grinder keychain!

    Minimum Order: 25 Units

    Measurements available: 60mm (2.3″) diameter, 40cm height

    Material: Sustainably-sourced black walnut and high-grade anodized aluminum

    Customization: Laser Engrave

    Included: Non-Branded Box

  • NO MOQ
    custom matte grinder

    Custom Matte Grinder


    Grind your weed for the perfect smoke with this custom matte weed grinder. The matte finish cuts your husk into fine pieces, making rolling joints or packing bowls a streamlined, easy process. No more jammed or clogged grinders slowing down your smoke session. With these high-quality grinders, herb has never been so smooth. Our grinder customization supports full-color, UV images. This custom weed grinder is available in seven colors, so you can design the grinder that perfectly suits your branding and style.

    Paired with one of our custom rolling trays, the matte grinder will provide you with a classy, premium smoking experience and elevate your brand’s image.

    • Minimum Order: None
    • Sizes available:
      • 55mm (2.16″) diameter and 4.8cm (1.9″) height
      • 63mm (2.4″) diameter and 4.8cm (1.9″) height
    • Material: Aluminum with matte coating
    • Customization: UV Print
    • Colors Available: 
  • NO MOQ

    Custom Wooden Texture Grinder

    As Low As $6.95

    Wooden textured, 4-piece grinder. The inside is crafted with premium quality aluminum to deliver a beautiful wood finish while still providing the smooth, top quality grind you know and love.

    Please note, this product is not 100% wood.

    Minimum Order: None

    Measurements available: 63mm (2.4″) diameter 40cm height

    Material: Aircraft grade aluminum and high-grade wood

    Customization: UV Print

    Included: Velvet Bag

  • NO MOQ

    PhatBoy XL 4 Piece Big Custom Grinder

    As Low As $19.95

    At 100mm (4″) in diameter, the custom PhatBoy XL very big weed grinder can handle up to 8 grams in one load. The toughest strains can’t stand up to the Big Daddy of large grinders. Add this giant weed grinder to your accessory collection to decimate even the largest strains. 

    If you’re looking for the same, large grinder quality but in a smaller format, check out the PhatBoy Lite.

    Even more herb?! Pair the PhatBoy with the Stash Pro jar to store your extra herb and keep it fresh for your next grind.

  • 25 MOQ

    Serene 4 Piece Grinder


    The grinder designed with the cannabis enthusiast in mind. Designed with smooth, shiny material to create a premium grinding experience with every use. It’s beautiful finish makes this the grinder you will love and use for countless grinds. An eye-catcher for your brand image.

    Serene Grinder is one of our latest custom grinding creation at MunchMakers. Made from aluminum, this special grinder is designed for the best grinding experience for those that love smooth surfaces.

    Minimum Order: None
    Measures available:  5.5cm (2.16″) diameter 5.3cm (2.1″) height
    Material: Aluminum alloy
    Customization: UV Print / Laser Engraving
    Included: Non Branded Box

  • 50 MOQ
    custom stainless steel grinder5 stainles steel grinders

    Titan Custom Stainless Steel Grinder


    Introducing Titan – our most premium grinder. Made from real stainless steel, this grinder is reserved for exclusive brands that want to take their custom grinders to the top level. The Titan looks great, grinds like a champ, and has a weighted feel that demonstrates its premium quality.

    Laser engrave design only.

    When your customers aren’t using this superb grinder, the Stash Pro can store their herb in a premium jar, elevating the smoking experience.

    Minimum Order: 50

    Weight: 1.2lbs (550 grams) each

    Measurements available: 63mm (2.4″) diameter 40mm height

    Material: Stainless steel

    Customization: Laser Engraving

    Included: Non Branded Box