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Bamboozled Custom Wood Rolling Tray

Our new Bamboozled is the perfect addition to your smoking collection. Part of our premium wood collection, this all-natural bamboo rolling tray comes with plenty of variety to choose from when it comes to what you want. Each comes with the ability to laser print your company’s or group’s logo on it. Please note, that products may look different from each other and as they do in the image because each tray is made from organic bamboo, although all trays are designed to look alike because of the natural wood it is impossible to make all products exactly the same.  

Minimum Order: 25
Sizes available: 18.5x12cm
Production time: 10-15 days
Material: Bamboo wood
Customization: Laser print / UV Color


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Organic Bamboo

What sets us apart? Our wood rolling trays are crafted from real bamboo. Many cannabis accessory suppliers substitute natural bamboo wood for lower-quality, less attractive synthetic material. MunchMakers believes in providing our customers with only the highest quality products, and that means using raw materials. Your wood rolling tray can be used outdoors or inside. UV printing can add customization without damaging the natural bamboo.

Hard and durable

Our new Bamboozled comes in 3 different shapes and sizes giving users more freedom to decide how big they want their rolling tray to be. Need something small and easy to bring on the go? Want something a little bit bigger that is going to sit in your smoking den? Lucky for you we have all of the options. There is even a small section of our tray that small grinders will fit perfectly into.

Note: The minimum order number for our bamboo rolling trays is 50, but there is no maximum order. No matter how many bamboo trays your cannabis business needs, we will ship them as fast as possible so you can get to rolling. MunchMakers is your premier destination for all unique, branded weed accessories. Treat your cannabis with care. Contact us to order your customized trays, papers, and more today.


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