Custom 2 Piece Aluminum Grinder

    As Low As $3.95

    Packs small, plays big. Despite its naturally small size, our 2-piece metal herb grinder has a reputation for getting the job done. A few swivels and your bud will be shredded to a fine grind that’s perfect for rolling. The 2-piece metal grinder is loaded with enough teeth to do the heavy lifting. It’s highly portable and fits perfectly in your pocket. 


    Minimum Order: None

    Sizes available:

    • 6.3cm (2.4”) diameter 2.2cm (0.87”) height
    • 5.5cm (2.16”) diameter 2.0cm (0.8”) height
    • 4cm (1.8”) diameter 2.4cm (0.95”) height

    Material: Aluminum alloy

    Customization: UV Print / Laser Engraving

    Included: Non-Branded Box

  • 25 MOQ

    Custom Hemp Biodegradable Grinder

    As Low As $1.95

    The perfect grinder for the eco-conscious. No magnets. No metals. No plastics. Just all-natural, biodegradable materials in a sleek, stylish, customizable package. This biodegradable hemp grinder was designed to have a clean grind, too, so it’s as good to your herb as it is to Mother Earth.


    Minimum Order: 25 units

    Measurements: 2.5cm*5.5cm (1”x 2.17”)

    Material: Plant-based fiber. No metals or plastics

    Customization: UV print on a biodegradable sticker or UV print directly on surface.  For engraving and embossing effects please contact support.  

  • 10 MOQ

    Custom Mini Grinder Keychain

    As Low As $1.95

    This mini herb grinder features a portable grinder with a keychain attached. With this two-piece, custom grinder, you’ll be ready for a good grind anytime, anywhere, featuring your favorite designs. Perfect for the next addition to your dispensary’s grinder lineup or as a promotional item!

    Minimum Order: None

    Measurements: 30mm diameter (1.18″)

    Material: Zinc Alloy

    Customization: UV Print

  • Diamond Edge 2 Piece Grinder

    As Low As $8.95

    The Diamond Edge 2 Piece Grinder is a premium, aluminum herb grinder that combines efficiency with style. It has a 60mm diameter (approximately 2.36 inches) and stands 63mm tall (around 2.48 inches), providing ample space for grinding while maintaining a compact and easy-to-handle size. This grinder is available in five elegant colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, and Purple, allowing users to choose one that best suits their style or preferences. Each unit weighs about 0.31 pounds, reflecting its solid aluminum construction without being overly heavy.

    Key Features:

    • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 20 units, making it accessible for small to medium-sized purchases.
    • Customization: Each grinder can be laser engraved, offering a personalized touch for individual users or branding opportunities for businesses.
    • Material: Made from high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity.
    • Size and Weight: Measures 2.36 inches in diameter and 2.48 inches in height, with each unit weighing approximately 0.31 pounds.
    • Variety of Colors: Available in Black, Blue, Gold, Green, and Purple, catering to different tastes and preferences.
  • EasyGrind

    As Low As $7.95

    The EasyGrind makes rolling joints easier then ever before! Grind the weed, push the button at the top, and dispense the weed from the tube straight into your joint. The EasyGrind will keep your fingers smelling fresh and makes sure you neve have to worry about dropping weed again. The easy grind is also customizable. Choose between black and white colors and customize with the logo or design of your choice

  • ElectroGrind

    As Low As $3.95

    The Electrogrind is the #1 electric weed grinder. It’s also an automatic grinder. The secret to the perfect grind lies in its patented design, which utilizes a spinning wheel to grind your herbs and spices with ease. No more manual twisting! The Electrogrind Electric Weed Grinder is made of durable ABS plastic and features a removable herb chamber for easy cleaning.

    This electric weed grinder has an automatic power off feature that stops grinding when the lid is removed, allowing you to easily access your herbs without worrying about over-grinding or spilling. Enjoy the best grind quality with this sleek, modern grinder that will give you an effortless and precise grind every time!

    The Electrogrind Electric Weed Grinder is the best way to grind your weed. Its powerful motor and precision grinding will give you the perfect grind every time. Get one today!

    Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow


  • NO MOQ

    PhatBoy Lite 2-Piece Custom Grinder

    As Low As $16.95

    The PhatBoy Lite is the same diameter as its older brother (100mm / 4″) but with only two pieces. Our largest and most powerful two-piece grinder, the PhatBoy Lite 4-inch herb grinder has room for up to 5 grams at a time. Get ready for a lot of smooth smokes in only a little time. Perfect for large smoke sessions or to make a strong statement with your brand design. 

    Looks great alongside our custom aluminum ashtray.

  • 10 MOQ

    Square Wooden Grinder

    As Low As $4.95

    Our Square Wooden Grinder is sleek, stylish and functional! Customize the wooden top with any design you want! The square shape provides a great handheld feel while grinding and the wooden material provides the grinder a sleek and elegant look.

    Material: Wood and Aluminum
    Personalization: Laser engrave on wood
    Size: 52mm x 52mm

  • 20 MOQ

    Wood Fiber Biodegradable Grinder

    As Low As $1.50

    Make your eco-friendly mark with this wooden fiber grinder! Enjoy a smooth, customized grind and know you’re helping the environment. This stylishly designed piece is crafted from all natural materials that won’t harm Mother Earth – metal or plastic free for maximum sustainability.

    Minimum Order: 20 units
    Production Time: 2-3 Weeks
    Measurements: 2.5cm*6.1cm (1”x 2.4”)
    Material: Biodegradable wood fiber
    Customization: Biodegradable sticker