Product Color

  • 2 Beige
  • 5 Black
  • 2 Blue
  • 0 Brown
  • 0 Chrome
  • 2 Dark Green
  • 0 Dark Green - Gold Printing Customization
  • 2 Gold
  • 4 Gray
  • 4 Green
  • 0 Gunmetal Grey
  • 0 Iridescent
  • 0 Light Blue
  • 2 Light Green
  • 0 Orange
  • 2 Pink
  • 2 Purple
  • 4 Red
  • 2 Rose Gold
  • 2 Silver
  • 0 Teal
  • 1 White
  • 2 Yellow

Customizable accessories make sure your brand enters every smoker’s home. We offer a variety of smoking accessories you can easily order in bulk for your company. From aluminum ashtrays to Smell Proof Pouches, many products are available onto which you can put a logo or branded design. These accessories are widely popular and commonly used, so you’re not wasting your money on needless products. Industry-Leading Materials and Customization Methods Here at MunchMakers, our wholesale smoking accessories are of the highest-quality, made from materials such as aluminum, bamboo wood, and glass. We offer Laser Print customization on monochromatic designs and UV Print for color designs, so you can make your cannabis accessories truly yours. A Wide Range of Smoking Accessories — All Designed for You Browse our wide range of smoking accessories online. We have rolling trays available in metal or bamboo wood. These rolling trays, with their curved, elevated edges, make it a lot easier to pick up and add your herb to your rolling papers. We even offer an aluminum rolling tray specifically designed with compartmentalized spaces to make it easier for you to hold your herbs. We have more specialized wholesale smoking accessories, like joint cases or 510 Thread Rechargeable Vape Batteries, so no needs go overlooked. With so much to choose from, you don’t need to look any further than MunchMakers for your smoking accessories. Ensuring High Quality All of our cannabis accessories undergo in-depth quality assurance tests, so you’re getting the best quality products possible. Don’t worry whether your order is too big or too small — we handle purchases of varying sizes. No matter the size however, our turnaround time is always speedy, usually only taking 2-3 weeks for large orders. Contact us for any help you need with your order. With MunchMakers, you’re getting the highest-quality smoking accessories at a good price. Get your customizable accessories now and combine your brand and your high!

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  • 50 MOQ

    Carbon Lined Smell Proof Pouch

    As Low As $3.95

    Carbon lined smell proof pouch.  Store your herbs safely and securely.  Keep the smell inside.  Carbon lined inner side.  Outside embroidered logo in up to 2 colors.

    Please note: For large orders, allow up to 20 days of production time.

    Minimum Order: 50
    Measurements: 17x14x1cm (6.7″x5.5″)
    Material: 1680D Nylon
    Customization: Embroidery up to 2 colors

  • 50 MOQ

    Custom Smell Proof Pouch


    Our custom smell proof bag is the perfect compact storage for your smoking gear. Featuring a locked zipper closure, the bag is secure, safely organizing all of your smoking accessories in one place. The bag is customizable to fit your brand image.

    For more storage solutions, check out our fully customizable J-Shield, the perfect holder for your joints, and our custom StashSafe container, another great option for storing your smoking gear.

    Please note: For large orders, allow up to 20 days of production time.

    Minimum Order: 50
    Measurements: 25x17x3 cm (9.85″ X 6.7″)
    Material: Polyester
    Customization: Embroidery

  • NO MOQ

    J-Shield – Custom Joint Case


    The J-Shield joint protector protects joints against pressure, moisture, dirt, and filth. It also masks the smell, making it easy to carry your joints wherever you go. Bring it out when you’re ready to 🔥

    Pair with one of our unique custom grinders or storage solutions to elevate your brand image to the next level.

    Minimum Order: No MOQ
    Measurements: 1.5cm (.6″) diameter and 11cm (4.3″) length
    Material: Aluminum
    Customization: UV Print

  • 10 MOQ

    PocketPass Mini Pocket Ashtray

    As Low As $1.95

    The PocketPass, our custom pocket ashtray, is perfect for smokers on the go! Built from heavy-duty zinc, its small and durable build makes it easily transportable and reliable in a pinch. PocketPass users will never have to litter and always have an easy solution for their ash. A great value promotional item for your dispensary!

    Looking for more portability? Check out the mini grinder keychain, giving you the quality grind you know and love on the go!

    Minimum Order: 10

    Measurements available: 1.2″ x 3.2″

    Material: Zinc Alloy

    Customization: UV All Over Print or Laser Engrave


  • 500 MOQ

    The Carti, Customizable Glass Cartridge

    As Low As $1.15

    Introducing our very first dab pen oil cartridge! This is the perfect accessory for your dispensary to custom make with your logo and fill with your own oils. The cart is 1ml, perfect for people who are looking to sell full gram carts.

    Note: Please use a transparent PNG image for file upload.  If you need assistance please contact us.

    Minimum Order: 500 units
    Measurements: 1Ml
    Material: Glass, Plastic