• 25 MOQ

    Bamboozled Custom Wood Rolling Tray

    As Low As $3.95

    Our new Bamboozled is the perfect addition to your smoking collection. Part of our premium wood collection, this all-natural bamboo rolling tray comes with plenty of variety to choose from when it comes to what you want. Each comes with the ability to laser print your company’s or group’s logo on it. Please note, that products may look different from each other and as they do in the image because each tray is made from organic bamboo, although all trays are designed to look alike because of the natural wood it is impossible to make all products exactly the same.  

    Minimum Order: 25
    Sizes available: 18.5x12cm
    Production time: 10-15 days
    Material: Bamboo wood
    Customization: Laser print / UV Color


  • 25 MOQ

    BioTray Biodegradable Rolling Tray

    As Low As $2.95

    Introducing our first Biodegradable Rolling Tray. Made completely out of biodegradable plastic, you can start living green while rolling your green. Put your custom image on your tray to give it the vibe you are looking for. Our trays come in six beautiful colors and use either laser printing or the highest quality sticker printing you can get.

    Minimum Order: 25
    Sizes available: 7.9″ x 4.1″ (20.3*10.4 cm)
    Weight: 0.14lb(65g)
    Material: Biodegradable Plastic
    Customization: Silk screen up to 3 colors.  Please note there is an additional fee for each additional fee.  For full color logos, design assistance, and questions please contact support.


  • 25 MOQ

    Biotray+ Biodegradable Rolling Tray

    As Low As $3.95

    Need a fresh feel for your rolling tray? Our Bio-tray+ is perfect for you. Completely customizable and made out of 100% biodegradable plastic the Bio-tray+ gives our green lovers a way to protect the green around them. Coming in 5 different colors the Bio + is the perfect rolling gift for your smoking buddy. Our bigger version of the Bio tray, the Bio + even comes with a funnel that easily allows users to dumb their extra weed back in their jars and grinders.

    Minimum Order: 25
    Sizes available: 7.8″ x 5.7″ (19.7*14.6 cm)
    Weight: .22lb(102g)
    Material: Biodegredable Plastic
    Customization: Silk screen up to 3 colors.  Please note there is an additional fee for each additional fee.  For full color logos, design assistance, and questions please contact support.


  • NO MOQ

    Custom Aluminum Rolling Tray

    As Low As $15.95

    Our custom metal rolling trays sport a minimalistic style that breathes quality: sleek, stylish, useful, and practical. Designed to be used anywhere and anytime, their multiple ridges, dips, and ample room provide all that you need to make the perfect joint. These metal rolling trays are available in 7 different colors, so you can find one that fits best with your brand’s image.

    Minimum Order: No MOQ
    Measurements: 208.3mm (8.2″) by 279.4cm (11″). Less than a quarter inch thick
    Material: Aircraft grade aluminum
    Customization: One color printing only

  • 25 MOQ

    Custom Bamboo Rolling Tray

    As Low As $4.95

    Bamboo is beautiful, sturdy, and more sustainable than many organic materials. That’s why our bamboo rolling tray is an elegant, sturdy addition to your dispensary and will match any minimalist style. Easy to use anywhere, these versatile trays work great at home or on the go. Their smooth design makes rolling the perfect joint simple. Plus, we can customize them with any logo or design.

    The minimum order number for our bamboo rolling trays is 25, but there is no maximum order. No matter how many bamboo trays your cannabis business needs, we will ship them as fast as possible, so you can get to rolling right away.

    Love the wooden look? Check out the Toak, our top-of-the-line premium wooden grinder, or our classic wooden grinder, the perfect addtion to your smoking accessories.

    Minimum Order: 25
    Sizes available: 11.8125″ x 7.875″
    Weight: 0.5lb (234g)
    Material: Bamboo wood
    Customization: Laser print


  • 100 MOQ

    Custom LED Rolling Tray

    As Low As $5.95

    Illuminate your smoke sessions with our fully customizable Light Up Rolling Tray. Personalize it with your logo and choose from a wide range of colors, while the bright LED lights provide perfect visibility for a seamless rolling experience, tailored to your liking. The LED Glow in the Dark Rolling Tray can last up to 8 hours when fully charged and our technology allows for high efficiency charging. Our LED rolling tray comes with a USB-C cable to charge it, as well as a customized bag for packaging.

    Set a fresh herb on a high-quality tin custom LED rolling tray before grinding it up and rolling your joint. Our trays go through an industry standard quality assurance test to make sure they are durable and high-quality. The LED rolling tray provides plenty of light helping you roll the perfect joint even in the darkest setting. Order wholesale LED rolling tray custom for your personal or smoke shop brand collection to light up any smoke session.

    Please allow up to 3 weeks production time.

    Want even more customized accessories to match your LED glow in the dark rolling tray? Check out our custom all over print grinder to maximize your brand’s image!

    We also have BioTrays and Bamboo Wooden Rolling Trays.

    Minimum Order: 50
    Sizes available: 27*22*3.5cm
    Material: Plastic
    Customization: UV Print

  • Custom Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid

    As Low As $5.95

    The custom rolling tray with magnetic lid is the perfect blend of customization and functionality. Design your own rolling tray with magnetic lid custom however you want! The lid is also magnetic so when you are done rolling simply use the lid to close it and the magnetic seal will make sure you don’t loose any leftover weed. The magnetic lid also makes the rolling tray portable! This Rolling Tray is the perfect compliment to our Rolling Papers and Pre Rolled Tips.

    Size: 18×14 or 27x16cm

    Magnetic Lid

    If you are interested in a lid with a hologram design please contact us.

  • 100 MOQ

    Custom Rolling Trays

    As Low As $1.95

    Make a tin custom rolling tray with branded imagery or your own personalized design in full-color print.

    Set a fresh herb on a high-quality tin custom rolling tray before grinding it up and rolling your joint. Our trays go through an industry standard quality assurance test to make sure they are durable and high-quality. Order wholesale rolling tray custom for your personal or smoke shop brand collection.

    Get the most out of your weed with a custom rolling tray. Use our high quality, durable custom rolling trays to keep your weed fresh before you grind it up and roll it into a perfect joint. With an easy gift box packaging option, this rolling tray custom makes for a great gift for any smoker.

    Please allow up to 30 days production time.

    Want even more customization? Check out our custom all over print grinder to maximize your brand’s image!

    We also have BioTrays and Bamboo Wooden Rolling Trays.

    Minimum Order: 100
    Sizes available:

    • 7.1″ x 5.5″ (18 x 14 cm)
    • 10.6″ x 6.3″ (27 x 16 cm)

    Material: Tin metal
    Customization: UV Print

  • 25 MOQ

    Mini Bamboo Oval Rolling Tray

    As Low As $4.95

    Our Custom Mini Oval Bamboo Rolling Tray blends beauty, durability, and eco-friendliness. Made from bamboo, this tray offers a stylish and robust solution for your dispensary, aligning perfectly with minimalist aesthetics. It’s convenient for both home and mobile use. The sleek design aids in effortlessly rolling joints. Additionally, personalization with any logo or design is available.
    We require a minimum order of 25 for our bamboo rolling trays, but you can order as many as you need. We prioritize swift delivery to ensure your cannabis business is well-equipped without delay.


    • Minimum Order Quantity: 25
    • Available Sizes: 6.6″x 3.2″ / 16.7cm x 8.1cm
    • Weight: 0.15lb (80g)
    • Material: Bamboo wood
    • Customization Options: Laser print / UV

Roll in Style: Elevating Your Joint Experience with Custom Rolling Trays

Which Wholesale Rolling Trays Should I Make?

Every smoker needs to own rolling tray to roll and store their smoking materials. At MunchMakers, we don't just offer regular personalized weed trays that everyone uses. We like your experience to be as unique as you by adding a personal touch.

We specialize in creating custom printed rolling tray that are tailored to your preferences. Our stylish tray options include high-quality materials, including wood, biodegradable plastic, aircraft grade aluminum, tin metal, and with lid or AKA box for weed storage.

Not only do we offer our cool custom design rolling tray options, but they're also functional. We designed our custom weed trays with smokers in mind, providing ample space for rolling and storage of smoking materials. Our weed rolling tray options are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they'll withstand regular use.

Looking for the best custom rolling trays? We have many types of customized weed roll tray like stash box for weed.

What we do not have are cheap or mini ones.

Product Categories

Check out our product categories for your custom wholesale rolling tray:

Tin Custom Rolling Tray Weed

These are the stash tin custom rolling trays for weed you know and love. It's also one of our favorite marijuana rolling trays! Only 100 MOQ and ships very fast. Make in 18x14cm or 27x16cm sizes. You can also customize a pink rolling tray as part of a gift set for her or part of a rolling gift tray set for him with any image you wish.

Wood Custom Rolling Tray Weed

Low MOQ, heavy, and a solid and very cool. Best for laser engraving in a DIY roll tray in bulk.

BioTray Biodegradable Custom Rolling Tray

These are biodegradable custom rolling trays designed for nature lovers. Made from organic materials, the biodegradable custom rolling trays is safe for the environment and can be customized.

BioTray+ BioDegradable Custom Rolling Tray

The BioTray's bigger brother, the BioTray+ has an extra slot to make users filter out excess weed.

Bamboozled Wooden Custom Rolling Tray

The wooden weed holder but with slots to filter leftover weed. You can upload the logo of your shop for design. You can also make a special request if you want things to get done in a significant way. Upon checkout, you can contact us and relay all the information we might need.

Aluminum Custom Rolling Tray

Our most premium metal rolling tray. Made from high quality metal with ample spots for papers, grinders, and more.

Custom Rolling Trays with Magnetic Lids

It's like the weed storage boxes you have ever wanted to have. The same custom rolling tray you know and love but now with a magnetic lid to keep the rolling tray sealed when not in use. This weed box storage will let you use your extra CB2 for your next joint sesh.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Custom Rolling Trays:

Q: What is the minimum order for a stoner custom rolling tray?

A: We have at 25 MOQ and custom trays designed with lower MOQs available. Our custom tray option allows you to create and ship your unique rolling tray design with the same quality materials and craftsmanship our regular offer.

Q: What materials are they made out of?

A: We have rolling tray options or product categories made out of tin, aluminum, biodegradable material, wood, and more. Our free custom tray customization option also allows you to choose from various kinds of wood and metals to create your unique design.

Q: How can I make a custom roll tray?

A: Use our awesome online design tool to design for your brand. It's easy for anyone! You can customize the full color, size, shape, materials, and features, such as raised edges or magnetic lids, for your own unique rolling tray. Just upload your design, and we'll do the rest! Whether you're in for here to upload some cool, luxury, or cute rolling trays, a girly and pretty rolling tray or awesome anime rolling trays like the famous One Piece, we got you!

Q: How long does it take to make one?

A: As a tray maker, I can say crafting is lengthy and can take 3-5 weeks, depending on the size of the order and the rolling tray chosen. For custom orders, the most express timeline we can give may take up to 8 weeks for delivery, depending on the destination in the USA. For questions, please be free to get in touch with our support team.

Q: What is the point of a stoner custom rolling tray?

A: Our custom rolling trays help organize ground up herb in a safe and easy-to-pick-up way. Trying to sort herbs on other surfaces like glass and ceramic can be very difficult and lead to waste. Using a tray means less mess and less wasted herb when organizing a smoking session or rolling process.

Q: Why are they called personalized rolling tray?

A: Because they are used before rolling a joint or blunt.

Q: Why does one type of custom one have magnetic lids?

A: A custom roll tray have magnetic lids designed like a perfect weed jars if the excess herb is left over. Not all manufacturers of trays support magnetic lids, but they can be added to some models.

Q: What works as a good custom rolling tray wholesale?

A: Our recommendation for a high-quality and perfect item is a metal rolling tray made from tin. Another best rolling tray option is plastic, which is more lightweight and portable than metal trays. For those looking for a more unique and special smoking experience, we have cool rolling trays with designs and artwork or mini wholesale rolling tray for travel. There are also cheap rolling tray options available for those on a budget. No matter what type of rolling tray you decide to get, make sure that it is flat and has raised edges so that the herb stays on the tray while rolling.

Q: What's next for MunchMakers' Custom Rolling Trays?

We're planning to add more cool weed trays. Watch out for the launch of our Led Rolling Tray or Light Up Rolling Tray Custom. Ready to complete your personalized weed tray set collection? Let's make it happen soon!

Q: Do You Offer Wholesale Rolling Tray Custom For Sellers or business?

A: Do you need wholesale custom rolling trays? MunchMakers is the place to be! Wholesale custom rolling trays are our specialty. Smoke shops, dispensaries, and other sellers and businesses in the smoking industry will benefit from our wholesale custom rolling trays. Besides wood, metal, tin, and plastics, we offer customization options like logos and custom full color.

Best Rolling Tray Custom Options

Creating custom design rolling trays is a great way to promote your business brand image. Whenever a smoker will roll their next joint, they will see your business brand image and name in their face, time and time again.

Our joint rolling trays are fully low price customizable and available for purchase in multiple sizes and materials such as tin, wood, and biodegradable personalized rolling trays.

At just 100 MOQ, all brands can our order custom wholesale rolling trays at extremely low and attractive prices. Whereas other rolling tray manufacturers require 500 MOQ, MunchMakers weed rolling trays are available at a full price and very low minimum.

For questions about our custom wholesale rolling tray and production and help with production or logo design, please contact our support team.

Please note, producing our custom designs can be a lengthy and complicated process. Making rolling trays involves printing on a flat piece of metal, waiting for the ink to dry, and then warping the metal to the proper rolling tray shape. After this, the metal needs to be cooled so the metal form remains. Additionally, rolling trays can be heavy and take longer to ship. We do not recommend ordering rolling trays if the trays are needed within 30-60 days of a scheduled event.

Expand Your Personalized Weed Tray Collection

While you're getting our custom rolling trays, check out our other products, such as our custom grinders, so you have a fully branded set of weed accessories. You can also check out our other custom joint accessories so you can start your sesh with a complete rolling tray set. We have customizable weed grinder, custom rolling papers, and custom ashtrays.

For all your cannabis accessory needs, look no further than MunchMakers.

In-Depth Q&A and Fast Shipping

All of our cannabis accessories are rigorously tested to make sure they meet high quality standards, and you receive products you and your customers can rely on.

Have any questions with our craft? We'd love to help! You can contact our shop at any time by phone and we will give you a speedy response.