Buy personalized lighters for a personal smoking experience. Put your logo on one of these branded lighters and increase your company’s awareness in a simple yet effective way. These lighters are fully functional and perform better than the generic lighters you may find at the drugstore. You can get either a cool stainless steel or a Nova Custom Jet Flame Lighter — whichever branded lighter suits your needs.

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Durable and Reliable Personalized Lighters

It doesn’t matter if you’re smoking from a pipe or from a glass bong, a joint or a homemade water bong — these lighters will do the trick. While our custom lighters do not come with lighter fluid, they are easily filled with kerosene. If you’re looking for a wholesale lighter order that fits into your collection, look no further. With MunchMakers’ lighters, you don’t have to worry about your lighter breaking on you.

Personalized Branding

What’s more annoying than grinding up some weed, packing a bowl, and finding that your lighter doesn’t work like it’s supposed to? With our lighters, that won’t be an issue for your customers. Check out our custom ashtrays to complete your shop’s personalized weed accessory aesthetic.

High Quality and Fast Turnaround

Like all of our weed accessories, our wholesale lighters are of the highest quality. Order now for a fast turnaround time, so you can get your personalized lighters quickly and hassle-free.

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