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Custom Queen Size Rolling Papers

Our queen size rolling papers are our smallest customizable rolling papers but get the job done just as well as its older siblings.  Measuring just 70mm, they easily slide into just about anywhere.  For businesses that are looking to add rolling papers as promotional product the queen size is a very popular option.  Design in 3D online.  Need help designing?  Contact our support for complimentary design assistance.

Minimum Order: 100 Booklets
Leaves Per Booklet: 50
Size: 70mm (2.75″)
Production time: 10-25 Days Depending on Quantity
Additional sizes available: 1 1/4 (78mm), King Size Regular (109mm)
Material: White rice, brown, or hemp paper.  For additional paper options please contact support.
Customization: Printed Paper
Queen Size Rolling Paper Template: Queen Size AI and Queen Size PDF

Need help with the template or design?  Contact us!  Our designers can do it for you

Custom boxes available for orders of 5000 or more

Total before shipping & taxes


Product Description

Perfect for Promo

Our queen-size papers are the perfect promotional item for your company. Their small size makes them great for personal joints, or if you and your friends each want to enjoy your own personal. Easy to roll, and can come with or without filter tips, customize them today to make these papers your own. MunchMakers is here to help make your brand the best possible paper.

We can help you custom your box and papers today. We have a 3d design tool that works to give you a perfect image of what your product is going to be. 

Different Material, Different Sizes

We offer 3 unique materials, all customizable, for our rolling papers. Whether you want an all-natural hemp paper, transparent white rice paper, or transparent cellulose we have you covered. Papers can also come in many different colors including blue, brown, pink, and green. Even custom your paper to have an image of your own on it We also offer 4 different sizes for papers, currently listed is our queen size, but we also have 1 ¼ size, king size, and king size slim. Contact us today to share your vision and get your project started, if you want a special color let us know and we will help you out.

You can purchase a minimum of 100 custom papers with no limits! Need 5000 papers for your dispensaries brand, you have come to the right place. Any order over 5000 will receive their own custom box as well as options for custom-colored, flavored, and printed papers.