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Custom 1 1/4 Size Rolling Paper

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The best-sized papers on the market, our 1 1/4 is perfect to put your dispensary logo on as your customers blaze up. Our three premium paper selections (hemp, unbleached brown, and white) offer the best smoking experience there is. All booklets come with the option to include tips. With so much to customize, these wholesale are perfect for any company or brand to use.

Looking for even more personalization for your joints? Order our custom filter tips!

Minimum Order: 100
Leaves Per Booklet: 33 (1 1/4) / 50 (Queen size, King size slim + regular)
Production time: 18-25 Days
Sizes available: Queen Size (70mm), 1 1/4 (78mm), King Size Regular (109mm)
Material: Rice, brown, or hemp paper
Customization: Printed Paper
Rolling Paper Templates:

Need help designing rolling papers?  Contact us!  We will be happy to help

Custom boxes available for orders of 5000 or more

Adjust Quantity, Pay Less

Buy 100 – 249 pieces
  • Buy 100 – 249 pieces
  • Buy 250 – 499 pieces and save 7%
  • Buy 500 – 999 pieces and save 33%
  • Buy 1,000 – 2,499 pieces and save 60%
  • Buy 2,500 – 4,999 pieces and save 73%
  • Buy 5,000+ pieces and save 80%

Total before shipping & taxes


Product Description

A Better Way to Smoke

With all the gadgets and gizmos in the cannabis market it can be confusing to know which is the best way to smoke.  At MunchMakers, we’re old school, and one of our favorite ways to light up is still rolling our own joints.

With our 1 1/4 rolling papers, you get access to a smooth and relaxing smoking experience. The booklets can come with or without filters depending on the buyers preference.

Need help with customization? We got you covered. Just shoot us an email or give us a call and we can guide you step by step on how to use our 3D design tool!

We Got You Covered

We have the best papers you can image. Colors from white, blue, brown, pink, and many more. If your color is not listed just ask us and we can make it happen. We have rice paper, all natural vegan GMO free hemp papers, and even a transparent cellulose paper.

Order as many papers as you would like, the possibilities are endless. Our minimum order is 100 booklets. Contact us today to share your vision and get your project started.

Rolling Paper Project Photos

Rolling paper features

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1 review for Custom 1 1/4 Size Rolling Paper

  1. Dede Perkins
    January 6, 2020
    People love them
    Great customer service. Terrific product that people love!
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