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  • NO MOQ

    PhatBoy Lite 2-Piece Custom Grinder

    As Low As $15.95

    The PhatBoy Lite is the same diameter as its older brother (100mm / 4″) but with only two pieces. Our largest and most powerful two-piece grinder, the PhatBoy Lite 4-inch herb grinder has room for up to 5 grams at a time. Get ready for a lot of smooth smokes in only a little time. Perfect for large smoke sessions or to make a strong statement with your brand design. 

    Looks great alongside our custom aluminum ashtray.

  • NO MOQ

    PhatBoy XL 4 Piece Big Custom Grinder

    As Low As $19.95

    At 100mm (4″) in diameter, the custom PhatBoy XL very big weed grinder can handle up to 8 grams in one load. The toughest strains can’t stand up to the Big Daddy of large grinders. Add this giant weed grinder to your accessory collection to decimate even the largest strains. 

    If you’re looking for the same, large grinder quality but in a smaller format, check out the PhatBoy Lite.

    Even more herb?! Pair the PhatBoy with the Stash Pro jar to store your extra herb and keep it fresh for your next grind.