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Storing Your Weed on the Go with Cannapuck Weed Storage

Although marijuana is much more accepted and tolerated in mainstream societies it still unfortunately faces a stigma by some.  This can make carrying marijuana around on a day-to-day basis all the more difficult.  Some of us smokers love carrying our bud to work, a friends house, or even at school to toke up after a lesson..but some of us less fortunate smokers still cannot do this openly.

Carrying with weed can make some smokers anxious.  What if the smell goes through?  What if it’s raining and your case gets wet?  Where can you find the appropriate case that will not take up too much space?

One option in storing your bud so it can be used is to buy a custom cannapuck storage unit.  Cannapucks protect your weed from smell, debris, water, and more.

Cannapucks are hockey shaped and feature the following:

  • Smell proof chamber – even police dogs will not be able to smell
  • Waterproof casing – if you accidentally drop your case in the water don’t worry.  Your herb is protected.
  • Ample storage space – store several days worth of herb with ease
  • Pocket sized design – carry it with you anywhere and everywhere
  • 9 color options – pick your favorite weed storage unit color
  • Only 55*23mm in diameter
  • 1 year warranty

When you buy a cannapuck from Munchmakers you get it with gift packaging and optional customisation options.  Makes a great gift for your best smoking friend!

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