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Promote Your Head Shop Smoke Shop Dispensary

Due to the recent legalisation of cannabis in dozens of US states and in Canada, new dispensaries and head shops are popping all over strip malls, retail centers, shopping districts, and even on Main Street USA.  Head shops, smoke shops, and dispensaries are now “in” and can be found just about anywhere people smoke (pretty much everywhere, maybe besides Utah, but maybe there too).

These types of retail establishments are popping up everywhere but because they are new are struggling to brand their brand and customer base.

Many of the top promotional merchandise companies and agencies shy away from cannabis dispensaries due to the unfair stigma so finding promotional items can often be difficult.
Munchmakers was established to help smoke shops, head shops, custom lighters, dispensaries promote their brand with unique branded smoking products such custom grinders, custom cannapacks, custom rolling trays and more.Here are some of our favorite custom smoke shop items:

  1. Custom grinders – grinders are a very common smoking apparatus that nearly all smokers use.  Next time your customers get low on their supply and want to buy more they will be reminded of your brand right on their grinder.
  2. Custom smoking lighters – people have a fascination with lighters, smokers and non-smokers alike
  3. Custom rolling trays – A great way to get your brand in peoples faces
  4. Custom cannapacks – After your customs leave your shop with their fresh new supply

To learn more about promotional marketing for smoking products please visit MunchMakers.

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