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Keep Your Customers Happy While Promoting Your Dispensary with Custom Lighters

Lighters are the unsung heroes of weed enthusiasts everywhere. Smokers rely on them to light bowls, joints, and everything in-between. They’re also a great way to show off a person’s unique style.


That’s why most dispensaries nowadays sell many different types of lighters in addition to their weed products and other smoking accessories. Yours might as well.


But if you haven’t thought about selling custom lighters yet, now could be the time to do so. These products may help you boost your profits while also getting some free marketing for your company.


We’ll tell you why that’s true and highlight how to get started below.

How Selling Custom Lighters Helps Dispensaries

There are several benefits of selling personalized lighters


One of these is that your customers will enjoy being able to purchase something unique from you – especially if they’re fans of your brand already. That means creating and selling personalized lighters could be a great way to increase your profits.


Additionally, customized lighters are an excellent way to market your dispensary. You can create custom lighters that feature your logo and other important information, such as a website, a phone number, or an address.


That way, whenever someone buys the lighter and uses it, they’ll immediately be reminded of your dispensary. It’s a really good way to build brand recognition and introduce your dispensary to everyone else that one of your customers smokes with.


The bottom line is that custom lighters can improve your bottom line while also giving you a free new marketing channel to explore.

Custom Stainless Steel Lighter

At MunchMakers, we offer two different types of custom lighters. The first of these is our Custom Stainless Steel Lighter.


It has a classic stainless steel design that’s sleek, timeless, and the perfect backdrop for any brand’s logo. The design is also extremely durable, so your customers will be able to get a ton of use out of it.


You can choose between laser engraving for a lightweight customization option or a full-color UV print to really bring your brand’s logo to life. You’ll also get to choose from many different colors for the lighter, including:


  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • And more

Nova Custom Jet Flame Lighter

The Nova Custom Jet Flame Lighter is our second offering in this category. It’s made out of high-quality metallic rubber and plastic, which gives it an extremely durable design.


Additionally, the flame can reach up to 1300 degrees Celsius (2400 degrees Fahrenheit) so it’s more than hot enough for your customers to use on their dab rigs.


We’ve also designed the lighter to have a windproof flame, which means it will be possible for your customers to use it in any type of weather.


It comes with all of the same customization options covered above plus the ability to add text alongside your logo.

Other Custom Smoke Accessories by MunchMakers

Custom lighters are just one of many custom smoke accessories that MunchMakers can create for you. We also offer items like;



That means you can really create a custom version of whatever smoking accessories your customers love best when you shop through us.


All of our products offer bulk discounts as well. You can try a small order to make sure that your customers like what you create. Then, assuming they do, you can save upwards of 50% by purchasing large orders afterward.


We even offer free shipping for all orders over $250. Features like these help to make it a lot easier to try creating and selling custom smoking accessories like lighters without assuming too much risk upfront.

MunchMakers Makes it Easy to Create and Sell Branded Custom Lighters

More and more dispensaries are starting to pop up across the United States as legislation around marijuana consumption becomes more lenient. As this happens, dispensaries need to start marketing themselves to stand out from the competition and retain a loyal consumer base.


Custom smoking accessories like lighters are a fantastic way to do this. And MunchMakers makes it incredibly easy to start creating them.


The process is as simple as visiting the item that you want to create, uploading your logo, and going through a quick customization process. This happens entirely online and all you need is a picture of your logo to get started.


Plus, we have our professional in-house design staff review and repair every order that we receive to make sure that each item in it is printed to perfection. Our team is also available to help you with the creation and ordering process if you need it.


We could spend all day telling you about the benefits of our custom lighters and other smoke accessories. But it’s easier to look at them yourself.


So why wait? Visit our custom lighter page today to get started.

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