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Market Your Dispensary with Custom Ashtrays

Dispensaries used to be rare. Now, they’re as common as any other type of business thanks to relaxed legislation around cannabis consumption. Dispensaries that used to skate by without investing much in marketing are finding that they now need to in order to keep up with the competition.


If your dispensary is looking for a unique way to strengthen its brand recognition or identity, custom ashtrays could be just what you need to do it.


We’ll tell you why that’s true in this article, while also highlighting the different ways that you can stand out with branded ashtrays. So without further delay, let’s get into it.

The Benefits of Custom Ashtrays

Everyone who smokes joints needs a place to ash them. That’s why marijuana ashtrays have always been popular purchases for people who smoke weed.


Each time that someone ashes their joint, they see the logo that’s on the ashtray they’re using. If that’s the logo for your dispensary, then you could be building brand recognition for free and marketing your business every time that person smokes a joint.


Not only that, people will pay to own the ashtrays with your logos on them. So if you design a good custom ashtray that people like, you could end up making a net profit while marketing your business. Talk about a win-win.

Three Options to Choose From

MunchMakers has three simple ashtray bases that you can choose from to start your design. You can pick between our:



The specific option that’s best for your dispensary will depend on who your customers are, what they care about, and what you’re hoping to achieve.


For example, our full-color UV ashtray is made out of durable glass and glows in the dark. Your customers will love looking at these after smoking a joint.


Or maybe you know that your consumer base prefers ceramic ashtrays over aluminum ones. In that case, our three-ridged ceramic ashtray base would be perfect. Its traditional appearance will bring your customers back to the days of cigar lounges and cafe smoking.

Plenty of Ways to Customize

Once you’ve selected your base, you can begin customizing your ashtrays in several different ways. You can start by selecting the color that you want the ashtrays to be. We offer a wide range of color options so that you can select the one that fits best with your brand’s logo.


Next up, you can upload your image to the MunchMaker website to see what it looks like on the ashtray that you’ve selected. Many dispensaries simply upload their brand logo so they don’t need to create a new design. But you can upload whatever you want, including a special design that you’ve made just for this purpose.


Finally, you can choose whether you want to add text or not. If you decide to add text, then you can create up to three lines and have us print them in a wide variety of fonts and colors.


Put simply, you can truly bring your ideal custom ashtray to life when you shop with MunchMakers – regardless of what that means to you.

Discounted Pricing for Bulk Orders

You can make an order for as few as 10 custom ashtrays through MunchMakers. That can be a good option if you just want to try this out and see what your ashtrays would look like.


But once you’ve found a design that your customers love, it’ll make more sense for your dispensary to buy in bulk. You can save as much as $10 per unit when you reach our highest discount tier, bringing the total price for each custom ashtray under $5.


At that price point, it becomes really easy to make a solid profit on every custom ashtray that you sell. So if you know that your customers will continue buying the ashtray that you’ve designed, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a deal like that?

MunchMakers Makes it Easier to Market Your Dispensary with Custom Ashtrays

Custom ashtrays can be a fantastic way to market your dispensary at a time when it’s never been more important to do that. If you create a design that your customers love, then you could even turn a profit while advertising for free.


MunchMakers has all of the tools that you need to do this. Simply visit our website, choose a base model, add your customizations, and select the number that you wish to purchase. We’ll handle everything else on our end.


You should also know that we offer free DHL shipping on all orders over $250. It’s another example of how we’re making it easier to create and receive the custom ashtrays that you want.


So why wait? Visit our custom ashtray page today to get started with the design process.

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