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Cannabis Promotional Products – Our Top 5 Products to Use

If you have a new cannabis based business opening up you may be thinking how to market this new operation to new clientele.  But if you’re starting out you may have a limited marketing budget and may be not sure how to best get the highest ROI on your budget.

We believe promotional marketing is extremely important for any business.  People love giveaways, gifts, and mementos and it’s the businesses job to find the right product that will be memorable, affordable, and have actual utility.

Fortunately, your friends at MunchMaker are here to help.  With over a decade experience in the cannabis promotional products industry we have a handful of solid products that can fit just about any marketing budget.

The products we selected are intentionally low priced and low turnaround time.  We have a wide selection of customizable products but even in large volumes our grinders can run $7-10 a piece, and some of our other products may be inexpensive in large volumes but can go through a long production period that may not fit grand opening dates.  Of course, every business is different.


Here are our top 6 products for cannabis promotional marketing

  • Mini Keychain Grinders – Running at under $2 a piece. Our mini keychain grinders can go with your customers wherever they are, whether they are actively smoking or not.  Every time they pull out their keys they will see your brand.  And may be triggered to spark up.  If they are running low on supply, where do you think they will call?
  • Custom Rolling Papers – In large volumes our rolling papers can cost less than $0.30 a piece. Many customers prefer smoking joints more than any other methods of smoking.  MunchMakers offers custom rolling papers in multiple sizes, paper types, and booklets with tips and also booklets with no tips.  Use our 3D rolling papers design tool to make the perfect rolling paper.  MOQ only 100.
  • Pre-rolled Cones – Not every smoker knows how to roll and that’s OK. As long as they can grind the herb, they can smoke a cone. MunchMakers offers pre rolled joint cones, usually 6 pre rolled cones in a box.  Trust us, they will smoke these 6 fast, and be ready to order more from their favorite dispensary.
  • Rolling Paper Tips Booklet – At just $0.60 each for an order of 1000 (including shipping), the rolling papers tips booklet is the most “promotional product” we have. Add a phone number, website, or social media right on the tips.  Every time they will roll a joint they will see your brands marketing message.
  • Vape batteries – The new era of smokers sometimes prefers smoking oil cartridges than the organic herb. The smoking purists may raise an eyebrow but there’s no doubt there is definitely a market for vape batteries.  In large volumes our custom vape batteries run less than $2.50 a piece.  While the printing “real estate” is smaller, the batteries last a very long time.
  • Custom lightersAt $3 a piece, MunchMakers customers can benefit from jet flame lighters or flame spark lighters. With the let flame lighter one can do full UV print and be creative with the messaging and design.  With the stainless steel engraving option make sure to add a website or phone number.


We highly recommend for just about any business to use promotional marketing in an effort to boost their brand.  And in the cannabis industry there are many excellent promotional products to choose from.  Contact the business team for additional assistance.


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