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Packing a joint for later can carry a certain fear – by putting it in your pocket or bag it may be crushed and lose it’s perfect shape.

This is where J-Safe comes in.  Put your beautiful, rounded, symmterial joint inside and know that when you need it the joint is just the way you remember rolling it.

Ready to personalise with any name

Estimated delivery between 2020/06/12 - 2020/06/24

* Production time 4-6 business days


Safety First

Joints are delicate things.   Protect your joints from dirt, liquid, bumps and bangs from daily life.  When your joint is inside the J-Case you can be at ease of mind knowing it is safe and secure.

Customizable aluminum jcase

Use any name to print.  Use your own or give is a gift to your favorite smoking buddy.



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