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SmoakJar – Custom Wooden Grinder With Glass Jar

Introducing the ultimate companion for an enhanced cannabis experience – our artisanal wooden grinder, complete with a seamlessly integrated glass jar. Choose between two captivating hues: natural beech or deep walnut, for a custom touch that complements your lifestyle.

Precision-crafted, this grinder is more than just a tool; it’s a statement of your appreciation for quality and aesthetics. The wooden body radiates a sense of warmth, connecting you to nature as you prepare your herb.

The real innovation lies in the built-in glass jar, thoughtfully designed to not only grind your marijuana to perfection, but also to store it securely, preserving its potency and flavor. Crafted by experts, the beech option offers a light and inviting vibe, while the walnut choice exudes richness, mirroring your discerning taste.

Ergonomically shaped for effortless use, this grinder elevates your ritual with its smooth, efficient motion. Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a casual user, our wooden grinder with a custom glass jar is a game-changer. Redefine the art of grinding – your marijuana deserves nothing less.

If you need help please contact us with assets and branding ideas so our designers can make an accurate mockup.

Please note, the print process for this product can take up to 2 weeks.

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Minimum Order: 50

Weight: 0.42lbs (190 grams) each

Measurements available: 65mm (2.56″) diameter; 78mm (3.07″) height

Material: Wood and Plastic

Customization: Laser Print

Included: Non Branded Box


As Low As $9.95

Adjust Quantity, Pay Less

Buy 50 – 99 pieces
  • Buy 50 – 99 pieces
  • Buy 100 – 249 pieces and save 11%
  • Buy 250 – 499 pieces and save 22%
  • Buy 500 – 999 pieces and save 33%
  • Buy 1,000+ pieces and save 45%

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Product Description

Precision Engineering and Functionality

Discover the ingenuity behind our customizable wooden grinder with a built-in glass jar. Crafted with meticulous precision, this grinder seamlessly merges form and function. The grinder features razor-sharp teeth that effortlessly transform your herbs into the perfect consistency, ensuring a smooth and consistent burn. The glass jar, ingeniously integrated into the design, securely stores your ground herbs, preserving their freshness and potency. A magnetic lid ensures hassle-free operation, while the ergonomic grip provides a comfortable and efficient grinding experience. Elevate your herb preparation game with this masterfully engineered grinder.

Tailored to your taste

Personalize your grinding experience with our customizable wooden grinder. Choose between two stunning wood options – the light and inviting beech or the luxurious walnut. But the customization doesn’t stop there. Express your individuality with optional engraving, allowing you to make your grinder truly one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s your name, a special date, or a unique design, our engraving service adds a personal touch to an already exceptional tool. Make a statement and showcase your style every time you grind.

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