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  • 25 MOQ

    Bamboozled Custom Wood Rolling Tray


    Our new Bamboozled is the perfect addition to your smoking collection. Part of our premium wood collection, this all-natural bamboo rolling tray comes with plenty of variety to choose from when it comes to what you want. Each comes with the ability to laser print your company’s or group’s logo on it. Please note, that products may look different from each other and as they do in the image because each tray is made from organic bamboo, although all trays are designed to look alike because of the natural wood it is impossible to make all products exactly the same.  

    Minimum Order: 25
    Sizes available: 18.5x12cm
    Material: Bamboo wood
    Customization: Laser print / UV Color


  • 25 MOQ

    BioTray Biodegradable Rolling Tray


    Introducing our first Biodegradable Rolling Tray. Made completely out of biodegradable plastic, you can start living green while rolling your green. Put your custom image on your tray to give it the vibe you are looking for. Our trays come in six beautiful colors and use either laser printing or the highest quality sticker printing you can get.

    Minimum Order: 50
    Sizes available: 7.9″ x 4.1″ (20.3*10.4 cm)
    Weight: 0.14lb(65g)
    Material: Biodegradable Plastic
    Customization: Laser print


  • 25 MOQ

    Biotray+ Biodegradable Rolling Tray


    Need a fresh feel for your rolling tray? Our Bio-tray+ is perfect for you. Completely customizable and made out of 100% biodegradable plastic the Bio-tray+ gives our green lovers a way to protect the green around them. Coming in 5 different colors the Bio + is the perfect rolling gift for your smoking buddy. Our bigger version of the Bio tray, the Bio + even comes with a funnel that easily allows users to dumb their extra weed back in their jars and grinders.

    Minimum Order: 25
    Sizes available: 7.8″ x 5.7″ (19.7*14.6 cm)
    Weight: .22lb(102g)
    Material: Biodegredable Plastic
    Customization: Laser print


  • 25 MOQ

    Custom Bamboo Rolling Tray


    Bamboo is beautiful, sturdy, and more sustainable than many organic materials. That’s why our bamboo rolling tray is an elegant, sturdy addition to your dispensary and will match any minimalist style. Easy to use anywhere, these versatile trays work great at home or on the go. Their smooth design makes rolling the perfect joint simple. Plus, we can customize them with any logo or design.

    The minimum order number for our bamboo rolling trays is 25, but there is no maximum order. No matter how many bamboo trays your cannabis business needs, we will ship them as fast as possible, so you can get to rolling right away.

    Love the wooden look? Check out the Toak, our top-of-the-line premium wooden grinder, or our classic wooden grinder, the perfect addtion to your smoking accessories.

    Minimum Order: 25
    Sizes available: 11.8125″ x 7.875″
    Weight: 0.5lb (234g)
    Material: Bamboo wood
    Customization: Laser print


  • No MOQ

    Engraved Wooden 3pc Grinder

    As Low As $4.95

    An excellent 3 piece wooden grinder.  Designed as an economical custom grinder option, this 3 piece grinder is made from recycled wood and can be laser engraved.  Features top layer for grinding, middle layer to split the herb, and bottom layer to catch the herb.

    Minimum Order: None
    Materials Available: Wood and aluminum alloy
    Sizes Available: 60mm (2.36″) diameter by 48mm (1.9″) height
    Customization: Laser engrave on wood

  • 25 MOQ

    Square Shaped Wood Grinder

    As Low As $4.95

    Wooden material grinder.  Personalize the top with wooden engraving.  2 pieces of grinding goodness.  Square dimensions make it easy to store.

    Minimum Order: 25
    Materials Available: Wood and aluminum alloy
    Sizes Available: 5.2cm*5.2cm*3.1cm (2.05″x2.05″x1.2″)
    Customization: Laser engrave on wood

  • 20 MOQ

    Wood Fiber Biodegradable Grinder

    As Low As $1.50

    Make your eco-friendly mark with this wooden fiber grinder! Enjoy a smooth, customized grind and know you’re helping the environment. This stylishly designed piece is crafted from all natural materials that won’t harm Mother Earth – metal or plastic free for maximum sustainability.

    Minimum Order: 20 units
    Production Time: 2-3 Weeks
    Measurements: 2.5cm*6.1cm (1”x 2.4”)
    Material: Biodegradable wood fiber
    Customization: Biodegradable sticker