• MOQ 25

    Metal Stash Jar

    As Low As $3.95

    Introducing the revolutionary custom metal stash jar – a stylish way to store and protect your herbs! This jar is crafted from aluminum alloy material, giving it an incredibly sleek and modern look that feels like it belongs in a spacecraft. Its meticulously designed body also adds increased levels of strength, longevity and protection for the contents. The stash jar can be customized with laser engraving or UV printing, enabling you to make this unique product even more unique!

    Minimum Order: 25
    Sizes available: 5.4cm (2.1″) & 9cm (3.6″)
    Weight: About 0.2lbs each
    Material: Aluminum alloy
    Customization: UV Print / Laser Engraving. We recommend laser for the jar and UV for the cap.

  • Portable Wooden Ashtray with Cover

    As Low As $5.95

    The Portable Custom Wooden Ashtray is the ideal ashtray. With its sleek wooden look and its custom cover, this ashtray is the perfect combination of style and portability. This Ashtray comes in three sizes so we’re sure to have the right fit for you. This Ashtray also has a custom lid so you can add the logo or design of your choice.

    Material: Wood

    Sizes: Small (Diameter 9cm), Medium (Diameter 11cm), Large (Diameter 13cm)

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  • 20 MOQ

    Stash Pro


    Sporting a sleek, minimalist design and fully customizable UV print lid, the Stash Pro is the perfect product to keep herb smelling and looking fresh. The powerful seal keeps the scent contained, making herb fully portable and discreet, wherever you go.

    Brandable with UV print on the lid.

    Build your brand even more with purchasing one of our matching custom 4-piece grinders!

    Minimum Order: 20
    Measurements: 6.5cm (2.5″) diameter  x 11.6cm (4.57″) height
    Material: Aluminum lid and high borosilicate glass body
    Customization:  Laser Engraving

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  • NO MOQ

    StashSafe Container

    As Low As $4.95

    Store your favorite smoking gear in this simple aluminum box. Customizable with any logo, design, or artwork.

    Perfect for storing your baggies, papers, bongs, lighters, grinders, and more!

    Minimum Order: None
    Measurements: Measures 7.1” x 1.5” x 4.3”
    Material: Tin alloy
    Customization: UV Print

Custom Weed Stash Jars, Boxes, Metal Case, Smell-Proof Pouches: The Ultimate Solution to Keep Your Herb Fresh and Secure

Wholesale Custom Weed Stash Containers: The Perfect Solution for Dispensaries and Cannabis Business Owners

MunchMakers offers a wide range of high-quality wholesale custom weed stash containers, including jars, boxes, metal cases, and pouches, designed to meet the needs of dispensaries and cannabis stash businesses. Here are just a few of the factors why choosing MunchMakers for your packaging needs would benefit your biz:


MunchMakers is a great medium, so you can choose from a variety of design options or create your own design for the right price. This allows you to sell your products in a way that is unique to your business and appeals to your customers.

Quality Materials

All of MunchMakers weed stash containers are made of high-quality materials for the right price that are designed to store your stash fresh, secure, and odor-free. Whether users choose a glass jar, a wooden box, a metal case, or a nylon pouch, you can be confident that your products are being stored in the best possible way.


MunchMakers' stash containers are designed with child-proof features to ensure the safety of your products. This peace of mind is especially important for dispensaries and cannabis businesses that want to ensure that their products are not accessible to minors.

Bulk Ordering

MunchMakers offers bulk ordering options for their stash containers, making life easy for dispensaries and cannabis businesses to purchase the packaging they need in the quantities they require at the right price.

Custom Packaging

MunchMakers can also provide packaging for bulk orders, so you can have your products packaged in a way that is specific to your business.


MunchMakers offers branding options for their metal stash cases, including the option to add your dispensary logo. This allows you to promote your business and build brand recognition with your bought items.


MunchMakers custom smell-proof bags are made of durable, water-resistant materials to ensure the freshness, potency, and quality of your cannabis products. Whether you're storing flower, edibles, or concentrates, these bags will store your products discreet and aroma-proof.

Product Categories

Airtight Bamboo Joint Case

Our Custom Bamboo Joint Case is good for the environment and the best way to store single joints. Unlike stash boxes, this is perfect for dispensaries who want personalized joint cases with their brand logo. Our joint case is light and also fits right into your pocket and is has an airtight seal so you can take your joints on the go unlike bulky stash boxes. You can do this without having to worry that it will get ruined. We also offer a larger case for those who enjoy a fatter joint.


The BlazeGadget is an essential smoking device and a must have. If James Bond had a smoking gadget, this would be a right fit.  The BlazeGadget features a built in grinder, a one hitter smoking extension, and can also store ground up herb. A stash box is nice, but the BlazeGadget is made to take on the go and will fit easily in your pocket. Additionally you can customize it to your liking by adding a logo and choosing from our great selection of colors.  We will laser print your design.

Carbon Lined Smell Proof Pouch

Are you facing the constant struggle of keeping your bongs under wraps in a stash box? Is everyone in the room able to smell your sticky situation? Make your life easy! You won't have to worry anymore with the Carbon Lined Smell Proof Pouch! This pouch will store cannabis and contents secure, with a double velcro seal system that is sure to keep all eyes away from your goods.

Custom Discreet Herb Protector

No more stash box, herb that gets dispersed all over the place, or heavy smells of herb. Our makes life easy with its discreet herb protector is what you need to transport your herb safely and discreetly. It's a perfect addition to your dispensary. You can't do that with a stash box!

Custom Glass Stash Jar

Unlike a stash box, this glass stash jar features a strong, airtight seal, keeping your herb fresh and smells contained within. Covered with a bamboo lid and glass of this jar are fully customizable with your logo or design of choice. It's truly a great investment.

Custom Odor Proof Pouch

Our smell proof stash bag is the perfect compact storage for your smoking gear. Crafted with a locked zipper closure, the bag is secure, safely organizing all of your smoking accessories in one place. Compared to the traditional stash box, this pouch holds the aroma way better. The bag is customizable to fit your shop image.

Custom Square Joint Case

These custom stash boxes are the perfect way to securely take your joints on the go. Our case is waterproof and meant to hold up in any whether conditions. This case is also meant to hold at least 20 fat stash of joints and possibly even more.

Frost Stash Jar

For serious cannabis connoisseurs, there’s no substitute for a frost stash jar. The difference with its wooden counterpart the stash box is its made of aluminum alloy and designed to preserve the flavor of your stash of herbs just like they were harvested fresh that very same day – these stash jars are unparalleled in protecting your favorite products with an extra layer of protection greater than even glass itself can provide.

Herb Glass Stash Jar

This stash jar locks the smells in. It keeps the air away from your herbs. Preserving the stash of herbs' freshness and potency. But the glass is transparent so they never leave your site. Prints in full color UV or in laser print for white logos (select the print option when designing). Great for the casual smoker but also makes an excellent product to resell.

J-Shield – Custom Joint Case

The J-Shield joint protector protects joints against pressure, moisture, dirt, and filth. It also masks the smells, making it easy to carry your joints wherever you go. It's light and handy.

Metal Stash Jar

We have nothing against glass stash jars – they are beautiful and protect your stash herbs' life wonderfully. But for the absolute best way to keep herbs' freshness and potency like the day they got picked up is to protect them in metal. The aluminum alloy gives an extra layer of protection and keeps the smells inside even better than glass.

Portable Wooden Ashtray with Cover

This good for the environment Portable Wooden Ashtray gives you the perfect combination of style and portability. It's the life of the dab party! While most ashtrays can be eyesores, with our wooden covers, this ashtray is a decorative addition to any table. The cover also makes this ashtray portable and easy to take with you when you are on the go.

Stash Pro

Sporting a stylish, sleek, minimalist design and fully customizable UV print lid, the Stash Pro is the perfect product to keep stash of herb smelling and looking fresh. The powerful seal keeps the scent contained, making herb fully portable and discreet, wherever you go. Brandable with UV print on the lid.

StashSafe Container

High-quality tin alloy designed for UV printing. Perfect for any image, including logos, photos, and your own artwork at a regular price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are MunchMakers custom bong stash containers smell-proof?

A: Yes, MunchMakers custom weed stash container are designed to be odor-proof and keep the smell of your items contained in the most convenient way at a regular price.

Q: Can I place a bulk shopping order for MunchMakers custom weed stash container for my market?

A: Yes, At MunchMakers, you are at a best place. We offer bulk ordering options for weed dispensaries and cannabis businesses. You can contact their sales team for more information.

Q: Can I customize the packaging for my bulk order of MunchMakers stash containers?

A: Yes, MunchMakers is the best place to be! We can provide custom packaging for bulk items to meet your specific needs and requirements at affordable prices and great value for your money. Depending on the material of the container, we laser print your designs. We also do custom design at a regular price.

Expand Your Weed Smoking Accessories Collection

While you're getting your stock of custom bongs stash container, check out our other products, such as our custom grinders, so you have a fully branded set of weed accessories. You can also check out our other custom joint accessories so you can start your dab with a complete rolling tray set. We have customizable weed grinder, custom rolling papers, and custom ashtrays.

For all your buds accessory needs, look no further than MunchMakers.

In-Depth Q&A and Fast Shipping

All of our cannabis accessories are rigorously tested to make sure they meet high-quality standards, and you receive products you and your customers can rely on.

Have any questions? We'd love to help! You can contact us at any time by phone and we will give you a speedy response.