If you like to smoke dry herb one of the most important tools you need to own is a herb grinder.   It doesn’t matter if you prefer bongs, blunts, joints, or vaporizers, to get your herb the way you need it to be it’s important to use a grinder.

Fortunately for us smokers there are plenty of amazing grinders out there.  Whether you want small, big, automatic, manual, wooden, metal, ceramic, zinc, or aluminium grinders, it is most likely available on Amazon or elsewhere.

But Munch Makers is the only place with custom personalized grinders.  At Munch Makers you can make a grinder in a wide array of varieties.   No matter if you want a custom grinder for yourself, as a gift for your best friend, for merchandise in your shop, or as a promotional item, Munch Makers has got you covered.

The Best Custom Grinder

What makes a Munch Makers grinder the best weed grinder?  Here are a few things that set Munch Makers custom grinder apart from the rest:

A large variety of materials: zinc, aluminium, matte, or ceramic

Print on the ENTIRE top of grinder in full color​

Protective resin coating on top of the grinder to prevent image loss

Many color options. Between 4-9 color options per grinder type

Comes with pouch and box for easy gift giving

Bulk discounts – buy more, get it for less

Why You Should Get A Personalized Grinder for Your Friend

Personalized grinders are a great gift to get for your smoking buddy.  If you spend much time smoking with them you will definitely need a grinder for your herbs.

Show your buddy you appreciate them with custom grinders with a picture of you together, an inside joke, a favorite game or band, or anything that your buddy will enjoy. 

For less than $30 (including free shipping!) for a custom grinder, it’s a very small price to pay for an awesome piece of merchandise that will make your smoking buddy extra happy.

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Why You Should Get a Personalized Grinder for Your Smoke Shop

If you have a smoke shop you want your customers being loyal to your brand.  These days there are new smoke shops opening up on every street corner and it is important to stand out from the competition.

One great way to get brand loyalty for your smoke shop is by making custom grinders.  There are many ways you can promote custom grinders for your smoke shop

Offer it as merchandise in the store and for profit! People love good merchandise. A high quality, personalized grinder can be a great upsell for your customers and a good way to make some good profits.

Offer it as a promotional item. Are you hosting an event? Are you exhibiting at an expo? Having grinders at your booth will ensure you will get a lot of attention and a lot of people going home with your brand in their pocket.

Give away as a gift to valued customers. Do you have customers that spend a lot of money in your store? Or do you want to boost your order value? By giving away free branded grinders when a customer spends a certain amount of money in your store you can increase your profits and give your customer awesome swag.

Custom Personalized Grinder How to Make

To make a custom personalized grinder is very easy.  Simply click one of the grinders below.

Select from one of four grinder options: ceramic, matte, aluminium, or zinc. If you’re looking for premium go with ceramic or matte.  But zinc and aluminium are also super awesome.

Select your grinder color. You can choose a color that will match your photo/art or go for a more relaxed white/silver color.

Upload your image, select your quantity (*bulk discounts!), go to checkout, and that’s it! You made your unique, one-of-a-kind custom grinder

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